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The Dread of Eidolon


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This is actually not an RP, it is in fact a fanfiction story of an slightly alternate lore, posted here, because I don't know where to post it. If you know, please rellay me to that place, i will be thankful. This thing is supposed to take a bit Lovecraftian (for obvious reasons) approach to the lore, I tried to make a bit of a puzzling ending and some other stuff, nothing way too complex, I am still learning how to write properly.

Today, fish were unusually scared of my bait. Why is that I cannot say, though it might have been connected to the weather. Usually, I hoard net filled with fish and then I go home, but today I was lucky to catch one loach. It was especially windy today, so I was told to get to Cetus quickly. It was shortly after the sunset I decided to finally venture home.

What happened is that I was caught surprised but unusual Grineer patrol. This was not their common route - I know their schedules by heart as I need that for hunting. What brought them here? Large hulk emanating putrid stench was among them. They seemed as if they were looking for something. Somebody… Are they looking for me? I immediately hid behind a rock and hoped, the shadow of the wood will stop the Lua from divulging my hideout. One of their ghouls on a leash started sniffing and almost discovered me, if it was not for me sacrificing the loach and throwing it away. Its stench and landing noise drove its attention away. As it started to tear the fish apart, infuriated by the failure, I silently ran away. Another skill I am well known for.

When I was sneaking across open meadow, I son saw something strange over the Gara Toht lake. It was, as if the sight of the shattered Lua was focused at it, some dark presence looming over its calm waters. It perfectly reflecting the pitch black sky with thousands eyes, the lake blinked as did the sky. The events following filled me with dread, pillar of green light struck and impaling the heavens and screeching as if desperately calling home. I could not stare way too long at it, it was driving me insane. I had to run, but somehow, my legs were not obeying me. I was frozen by the horror before me and the horror looming in my mind. It revealed to me dark reaches of unknown worlds with titanic living spires, abominations of machines, yet alive and breathing like any other creature would, but differently, in an alien, sinister way. Many strange floating bugs, with a head of an old withered corpse floated around the tall colossus, dancing and singing a chorus of unknown. And soon, it released a call that pierced the air as a sharpened blade and almost deafened me, but also somehow deafening my mind.

Almost unconscious, I managed to finally reach Cetus and its calm breeze. Others greeted me with dread within their eyes, as if they did not saw me, but something else. In the morning, once I woke up, they told me about something they saw in my eyes and ordered me to stay in Cetus at least for couple of cycles and not venture outside of the town.

                Nightmares followed my every dream, stalking me after every twilight until every dawn. Always different visions, of the dark horizon, of large space faring vessels, that lived and devoured others. Of large monstrosities, not unlike the one I saw on the plains that flew faster than the wind and brought all of their foes into oblivion, Grinner, Corpus and the silent ones alike. I even saw ancestors in their floating spires as they tried to vanquish them, but it was of no use. The outer darkness was way too strong and it drove everyone mad. And the dreams start to bring me at the edge of insanity too.

                Elders claimed it was of no danger, no such beings exist and these bad dreams are simply result of me almost get caught by the Grinner. But I know they are hiding something from me, lately they are observing me with greater care than ever before. After few days, they brought me to the sanctuary in the rock, to the strange individual with the mushroom cap. Villagers always feared them, but now they needed their help. They left me alone with the so called “Quill”. Somehow, he assaulted me, without me even noticing his movement, tying me and bringing me to much larger a room. With numerous strange symbols on the ground and talismans hanging all around, I started to recognize some shapes, all knowledge coming from my visions. He has laid me on the floor in the middle and started to chant in strange language that awoke the visions again.

                “Oh, glr'leh'aetag Mg'aetagr'ly'aer'lkht lifh aelwlw, shht'liwg mg'eh yeh'li'uir'l ph'aer'ltag, yeh'li'ui ht'aew'eh lw'ehfhtag yng tag'ht'ysh mg'lir'ltag'aelw wgr'lehtagkht aengct lw'ehtag mg'eh tag'li k'lingw'ehr'lsh'eh wg'ytag'ht yeh'li'ui fhr'leh'ehlw'yeh aesh tag'ht'eh ph'aektag r'lehk'lui'yr'lehsh,” after this terrible incantation, I blacked out. But I fell, like if I was somewhere really far away and that something really terrible was performed upon my body, or much worse, my soul.  

                The mark of an outcast was burned into my very flesh and I was forced to live at the edge of Cetus. I started to change. My senses sharpened, yet my muscles faded. My mind was sharper than before, but my tongue disappeared. They gave me menial tasks, some who held at least a bit of likeness to me during my healthy summers sometimes brought me food or at least tried to converse with me. But as time passed on, I was losing the need to be in others vicinity. And in the end, I left the Cetus.

In my absence, the battlefield has changed. I could finally see massive arches of cyan light on the horizon, roots of green and purple flames surrounding all living and orange tendrils following every single animal. All flowers turned to me and sang to me, chorus of fish followed my every step for they saw something similar to them. We were somehow connected, nature almost umbilical. And I did not find this strange at all. And I only come closer to the lake, to greet the visitor once again as we have known each other for a long time by now. With friendly approach, I opened my embrace, as the pillar emerged again only to pull the emissary out of the sky of the lake. It greeted me similarly, though it greeted me not in the place, but in the presence. For I have known the one of whom it is a harbinger for eons. My groom of stars, it finally saw the right moment to come to this place. He glanced at me, fully realizing the act finished and the constellations right. I drowned in the waters reflecting the pitch black sky.



“This is lieutenant Gonmak reporting, we have finally arrived at the site of strange energy fluctuations in the proximity to the lake.”

 “Understood, report the visuals. ”

 “There is some strange light coming from the lake, I haven’t seen anything like it before. And there is a person in front of it?”

“Light from the lake? Can you confirm?”

 “By the queens, as I am deteriorating right now, large pillar of green light. Wait, something is happening, Kah’nul, where are you going?! Stop right there!!  HQ, my troopers are ignoring my orders, they are approaching the pillar.”

“Stop them immediately, but priority remains the observation.”

 “Understood. Argh, Rahm, they resist to. I am approaching the pillar now. What is that? HQ, I am reporting numerous flying objects around the pillar and around the person. She is walking straight to the water. I recognize her from Cetus. What? She is drowning herself. What a maniac…”

“Can you confirm? Did she really drown herself?”

“Yes HQ. I guess the governor was really right about these maggots. Wait what is that?”

“What are you seeing lieutenant?”

“That is beautiful! I report massive figure of light from the pillar. I am approaching closer. ”

“Lieutenant, stop, return to safe distance.”

 “Yes… Right. HQ there is something else. It is coming out of the water, roughly 2 meters tall. Wait, what is it doing to my men? Wait, no, stop it!!” “What is happening Lieutenant? Lieutenant? Lieutenant, report!!”

“It took over my men!! They are after me, I have to hide!!” “Stand calm, we are dispatching support.” “What is that? Oh my queens, it is gigantic!! It is following the first one!! My men… Aaaaargh!!”  

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