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Bladestorm + Teleport issues (Ash)


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When ash's Bladestorm is active, i.e. your clones are out attacking, you cannot use your teleport for anything besides joinig your clones and starting the bladestorm animation.

Example 1: Your clones are out and you want to teleport to a previously unmarked enemy => That enemy gets a mark and you join your clones

Example 2: Your clones are out and you want to teleport to an object/ teammate/ cryopod => Teleport simply does not activate. No message such as "out of range/ invalid target" 

From what I understand,while bladestorm is active, you were originally supposed to have all of teleport's normal functionality plus the option to join your clones by casting it on a marked enemy.

Just an idea: how about adding a way to stop ash from attacking once he has joined his clones in case you did it by mistake. Doesn't happen too often but would be a nice qol addition to have the option.

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