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Simaris Redeem Codes Invalid


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Same on PC sadly.. I'm being told in game that they expired when the stream ended but that seems short sighted by DE so i don't really buy that excuse.. i could be entirely wrong.
But i had work so i could not redeem them at the time, and only got to hear about them after i got home.


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I was able to redeem two of the codes while the stream was on going, but when I went to claim the SimarisCredits one (after the stream), I was locked out like OP. A friend says they're valid for 24 hours, but I don't have a source to confirm that to be the case. And if it was, then our entries should've worked unless there's just some error going on behind the scenes.  Edit: Tried the code again today and it worked. Guess it was fixed. Haven't checked their Twitter feed for an official update yet, but I claimed my credit booster just a few minutes ago. 🙂

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I'm sure @[DE]Megan said they were for 24 hours (I may be mistaken). then the pictures I've seen from the stream say 11:59PM ET 6 July as shown in the picture. But on the warframe twitter it says only during the show. Very conflicting information and confusing for everyone...


Link to twitter post:


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