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Items and ranks lost after host leaves session.


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The following thing happened: Me and 3 randoms were playing Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (for Nightwave). We enter round 9 and have already won a couple of radiant relics. Also I entered the game with an unranked sentinel + sentinel weapon and by round 9 both were max rank. Anyway as soon as we enter round 9 the host leaves. we get the "host migration in progress" message and the loading screen comes up. But after that another message says "session lost" or something similar and I'm sent back to the orbiter. The thing is I got none of the rewards (which I guess is fair since I didn't finish the mission) but I also didn't get any levels even though the Last Mission Results screen says I should have. This isn't really that big of a problem in this case since we only got to Zone 9 but for someone at like zone 20 it would be.

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