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Warframe Concept: Squaal, The Malevolent Storm


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Hello everyone, this is my first warframe concept ive brought to the forums, so i hope you enjoy it. Any feedback/criticism you have would be greatly appreciated :D. As a side note, many of these numbers are up to change and are obviously not set in stone. 


Shields: 300 max rank

Hp: 300 max rank

energy: 200 max rank

sprint speed: 1.0

visual design: Squaal’s design includes a unique movement animation. While he does have legs, he does not walk on them (with one exception) but instead hovers, legs clamped together inside a small storm funnel, which caused him to stay aloft. 

Passive: Pressure Fronts

By using abilities, Squaal raises or lowers the air pressure around him, changing his abilities and himself. In Low Pressure, Squaal’s duration and efficiency stats are raised by 50%, while his range and strength are reduced by 25%. In High Pressure mode, Squaal's duration and efficiency stats are lowered by 25%, while his range and strength are increased by 50%. After using 1000 energy in either form, Squaal changes pressure forms. 


First ability: Thunderclap (25 energy)

Squaal summons a bolt of lighting in his right hand and throws it like a spear at a location. The bolt lands, damaging targets, but after a duration explodes. The explosion damage and time before detonation scale with time the projectile was in the air. The longer in the air, the greater the explosion damage, but the longer time before detonation. 

100/200/300/400:  initial impact damage

6/4/3/2 + (.1) meters traveled: time before explosion

100/200/350/500 + (.5) meters traveled: explosion damage. 


Forecast (50 energy)

Squaal looks ahead in the future to see where enemy bullets will land, and shock them from existence before they hit him. Each bullet stopped uses up a charge from a pool that scales on strength. Each time a charge is used, Squaal earns a charge to buff his next weapon shot or melee strike

10/20/30/40 charges

100%/125%/150%/200% damage buff per charge


Downpour: (50 energy on cast, 2 energy/s drain)

Squaal places a thundercloud over a targets head that begins to rain on them. While under the cloud, the target begins to rust, losing a percentage of its defenses. If the target dies under this effect, the target explodes, covering nearby allies with rust at 50% its effectiveness. The cloud also moves to the nearest target. 

25/30/35/40% reduction on enemy armor/shields

4/6/8/10 meters: rust explosion range

5/7/10/12 meters: range for cloud to transfer to nearest enemy. 


Maelstrom: (25 energy cost, 10 energy/sec drain)

The funnel at Squaal’s legs move outward as Squaal’s feet his the ground. The storm grows to a large radius around him, covering enemies and obscuring their vision. All enemies in the storm are highlighted for squaal and his allies according to Squaal’s energy color.  While in the cloud, their alert state is set to 0, but they do not grant stealth multipliers or bonus affinity. If Squaal uses thunderclap, he throws the lighting spear into the ground, stunning enemies within half the radius of the storm.  If Squaal uses “Downpour,” the effect extended throughout the entire storm. Squaal is unable to do parkor while using Maelstrom, but he can sprint and slide.

250/500/750/1000: damage per second

15/18/22/25 meters: range of Maelstrom

1/2/3/4 seconds: Thunderclap stun duration 



I plan to write more but Ive got to return to work, so until then I hope you enjoy what I have so far. 

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