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LOVE the Cyanex pistol!!!


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You guys are killing me though.   You came out with that killer scaffold at Fortuna that fires ricocheting discs.  It homes in on new enemies every time it bounces and has like 3-5 bounces.  You can fire it off walls or ceiling and just see a bunch of kills afterwards lol.   

I just built the Cyanex and it uses a very similar mechanic to that scaffold.  The bullets ricochet off enemies into other enemies.  Not to mention the bullets seem to home in on nearby targets so you do not have to benearly as accurate.   I do not have alot of experience with status weapons but as cool as this gun is I dont know if its possible to mod around its innate gas damage and stuff.   Also need to try adding punch-through to see what that does...     I wish Cyanex had been dual wield though,  that would be perfect for Mesa.  She could be a space cowgirl with x2 cyanex or a regular cowgirl with x2 regulators.  

But man please apply this homing/ricochet tech to PANTHERA!!!  Make that gun more crit based.  I loved that gun for a long time and used it alot,  then I veered off towards other guns and took a long break from it.  When I came back to it, it just wasnt as good any more....  but now you have given us an amp and a pistol with this mechanic and I would love to be able to use my Panthera again.

I notice you took the amp mechanic off Klebrik and applied it to the Ocuocor pistol(sp??).  After u kill with gun its laser turns into a homing laser like Kebrik scaffold for amps.  Love that scaffold.  Its a hard tie between that and the ricochet scaffold lol.  The gun version isnt nowhere near as fun though.... its needs like twice the ammo.   I dont know,  im just trying to max mine out then I will probably dump it.   Having to kill something before it begins homing in on stuff is a bit of a pain because theres like a hundred different things that can interfere with just killing an enemy.

But anyways I just wanted to say I really loe the Cyanex so good job with that gun.  I like the look of it,  I like the mechanics of it.  

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