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Dax Warframe Concept


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Spoilers-Warframes are made of strong orikin soldiers. Including dax. So i had a thought while watching teshin during the sacrifice. What if we had a warframe with dax themed abilities. And so i came up with some concepts-

Appearance- Emphasis on orikin and dax themes with metalic plating and helmeting themed after other dax designs 


In adition to its metalic pieces and signature dax helmet the frame would have orikin robes likely a darker color, potentially a blue or gray to allow a prime in the future. THe abilities are the fun part though so lets get started.

Passive-Martial Stance- Taishin(thats what i call him) gains more mod capacity from stance mods then normal-This allows him to build his melee weapons more efficiently and fits thematically to

1-Dax Dikana- Taishin always keeps with him his dual dax nikana blades(one short one long) and with his 1 he switches to using them- At base they have a focus on status chance and have high slash dmg- So far the normal eee combo is 2 strikes with the long blade and then a multihit spiral dash with the short blade)- EHold causes Taishin to throw his long blade spinning forward which has a lot of multihits- Itt returns when it reaches a wall or its maximum range(based on power range)- 

Augment-This augment is a stance and is modded onto the weapon rather than the warframe0 this augment changes the stance and stats of the Dax Dikana- The weapon becomes crit focused and the longer blade is now kept in hand while the short nikana is used for throwing attacks

2-Specter-Taishin creates a dax specter which normally remains almost merged with him- The specter performs all his attacks and ability casts for itself- Recasting this ability on an enemy will cause the specter to attack them before returning- targeting them at a location will cause them to guard it attacking any enemies who come near

Augment Sentient specter- when recast specter will now become ai controlled and attack enemies

3-Orvus Drones- Taishin summons these mini orvius lookin things- Their numbers are based on power strength and have a max number of 6- Drones hover around Taishin and will provide him with dmg reduction and when enemies aproach an orvus will stun them dealing electrical dmg before despawining

Augment-seeker drones- Orvus numbers are increased drastically- no longer give dmg reduction and on cast they will roam the map- when they reach an enemy an orvus will hover over it and suspend it in midair like orvius does to operators in sacrifice-it will also show suspended enemies on the minimap

4-Commanders Focus- Taishin prepares himself for combat with a short animation- his fov will then shrink while he gains increased combat bonuses like decreased recoil- increased movement and attack speed- bonus crit or status chance-

Stats- No specific numbers

Below average shields

Above average armor

Average energy

Aove average sprint speed


AS FOR LORE- Im thinking something along the lines of "Teshin requests your aid in investigating a trasmission on a long abandoned DAX communication frequency, the transmissions give cryptic hints at the frames lore and lead you to an old orikin vessel, a training ship for Dax"- from there you could get the frames parts and blueprint

Tell me what you think and give me other ideas for it 

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