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  1. Yeah, Hydroid has been really swept under the rug lately. They did the same thing with Titania when she came out and with other frames. After they were born they ignored them cause they just didn't care. Hydroid no longer fills a niche, his niche has been overtaken by frames that do his job better, faster, and easier, just like old Vauban. And I think that's where we should start. Vauban and hydroid were both underused, underwhelming frames with so much cc but precious little else to offer. When DPS meta came and stayed they lost their footing, and even in mission types where cc is more useful their skills are barely used when the floor is being wiped with bodies before hydroid can even charge up his 4. Vauban however, regained his footing after his rework. His weak zap trap became invincible roving Taser balls, passive cc and damage. His minelayer got changes, he got scaling damage, extra cc, self damage boosting, and the other grenade that nobody talks about and I wont either cause its useless. He got a group nuke on his 3 and his 4 combined his two main cc abilities into one. Vauban never lost his cc, but his mechanics were improved and he received loads of extra usefulness. Basically what I'm saying is, turn Hydroid over to Pablo and co'.
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