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Lua lens bug (gain zero or unasigned affinity)


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So following the update I built two lua lenses, the vazarin one hasn't been tested yet but it appears to be just fine as it displays the vazarin icon, the madurai lua lens on the other and is completely bugged and I belive this may be down to the fact that I paid 10 plat to rush its construction.

From a graphical point of view the lens does not display the madurai symbol and instead appears as a blank lua lens however my warframe distinctly shows a madurai lua lens as being equipped

However when aquiring affinity in a mission it is not assigned to the madurai school and instead assigned to <> which I presume to mean the affinity is infact unasigned


Having checked this by noting my madurai affinity and subsiquently running a mission I can confirm that this <> affinity is not actually added to my maduria focus pool or indeed any other focus pool. As such it appears I have spent 50 plat (40 for the original greater lens because basic madurai lenses don't drop often; 10 for the rush) as well as an eidolon lens blueprint and a lua lens blueprint all to get a lens that while certainly unique is in fact useless and in fact equivelent to not having any lens at all.

I hope DE fixes this issue soon and in the meantime I warn people not to rush the construction of their lua lenses incase the bug is reproducable.
(Also if DE want to give me 40 plat back or at least a new greater madurai lens that would be great)

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The exactly same happened to me, with the same school. I have bought the Greater lens, bought the Eidolon lens bp, rushed it in the foundry, then farmed 2.5 hours for the Lua Lens bp, and then rushed it too, just to find out that it doesn't work. It simply doesn't work. Sincerely, for the platinum I paid to get this feature as soon as posible only to later realize it is broken and that I will have to wait until they hotfix it, I deserve some compensation, or at least the platinum I used to rush the Lua Lens and the Eidolon Lens I spent . That is just awful. Here some screenshots if DE wants to at least make some fairplay and give me back my things, because time is irrecoverable. Disappointed, to say the least.

Here how the focus is shown at the end of missions.

Here the Madurai Lua Lens on my warframe.

Here my Madurai focus tree, with no focus whatsoever.

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14 minutes ago, trankhanhduyh said:

71262D3791B665448DEBC07200DBA8A3870F6C8178F029AC40C68AC29463A33E25440896B2E94813igual aquí, amigo, acabo de ejecutar una misión SO de 8 rondas y obtuve 56k aff, pero cuando regreso a mi barco dice que tengo 0 aff en la clase Maidurai (DE, ¿sabes cuánto tiempo me lleva construir desde la lente normal hasta LUA y esto es lo que obtengo?)

is the same for me 😞 sad

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