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More Console \ Text Commands to Fix issues needed

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Right now there is currently a GUI bug that "locks" the player screen to black screen. 
This occurs when the player has not finished loading into the orbiter and the "Host" starts the next mission immediately.


Some new Commands would help a lot

/orbiter - exits current instance and " loads \ reloads" player to orbiter \ this also leaves any squads the player maybe in- 2 minute cool down

/GUIreset - reloads GUI - 5 minute cool down

/exitgame - force quit game 

/resetStuck - Some cases due to Desync the player can get "stuck" inside terrain such as the ground - or be unable to open doors due to desync as the host thinks the client is not moving.  Reset stuck would force the player back to the starting location of the map and "resync" their location with host. 

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