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The Tales Of L'dael - A Non Canon Warframe Fanfic


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So i got inspired by everyone writing their own stories and decided to give it a go my self, please feel free to offer your opinions ^_^




Chapter 1

-Ejection sequence initiated-

-Vital signs…stable and rising-

-Beginning ejection-


The cryo-pod was suspended ten meters above the floor of the room, and angled as such that when the pod opened the occupants would fall when the pod was disengaged. This, the nausea brought on from the post hibernation daze and the bright lights of the rooms in which such pods were kept, made for a terribly rude awakening. L’dael found this out as he regained consciousness about two meters before he, in his blue and white Excalibur armour, clattered face first into the hard metal floor. Groaning, he pushed himself up onto his knees. “Nothing quite like a rude awakening” he grunted as he stood up, stretching limbs tired from centuries of sleep. Surveying his surroundings, L’dael found the room to be small, about ten meters across by twenty meters long, on the far wall was the door that led to the rest of the cryo vault on Mercury, and to his left a bank of computers that he remembered using to lower the pod and begin his sleep. Suddenly, his helmet comm link burst into life. “Welcome back to the land of the living, Tenno” said a female voice in his ear. The voice was strangely soothing; the kind a mother uses to calm a whaling infant. L’dael new better than to speak, if she could override the cryo-sleep protocols and release him, she was indeed the leader – the current leader – of himself and his siblings. “You’re lucky” the voice continued  “the grineer are almost here, I don’t have time to give you answers to the questions you may have, you have to hold them off for a while, I have dispatched a team to extract you, good luck Tenno.”


The link went dead, leaving L’dael’s helmet eerily quiet apart from his own soft breathing.  Knowing that time was short he set about checking his gear; Skana, Lato and Braton. In turn he loaded his pistol and rifle, checked his blade and readied for his return to glorious combat.


Five minutes had passed; L’dael was kneeling, meditating and waiting for his first foe to make himself known to him. Sooner than he thought, he heard a clunk on the door, rising to his feet, he drew his rifle and set his stance. He counted the seconds, when he reached ten, the door was blown inwards by a breaching explosive, wasting no time, l’dael dropped to a crouch and let fly with the trigger, rifle bucking against his experienced grip, he compensated, stitching smoking holes across the torso’s of the three grineer marines that were first through the door. Alarmed shouts rang out as the rest of the grineer piled into the room, all of them firing. L’dael rolled left, ducking behind the bank of computers, risking a peak, he realised the true nature of his situation; there were now a dozen marine lancers at the far end of the room, he couldn’t see how many were outside of the room, ready to surge in and capture their prize. His cover quickly deteriorating, L’dael drew his pistol and decided to go down swinging. He stood from his cover, pistol in one hand, Braton in the other, firing on the move. He charged towards the grineer ranks, noting that his shields were already low, he slid across the floor, killing another six grineer as he went. His slide had left him within a meter of the grineer, he switched his rifle out for his skana and leapt forth, slicing through stomachs and arms. His plan to break through to the outer hallway, however, was all too soon destroyed. As l’dael sliced through their ranks, a bold marine stepped forward swinging his rifle like a bat and caught him on the side of the head, knocking L’dael to the floor. As he tried to rise again he was surrounded, the grineer mercilessly pounding him with rifle butts and fists. L’dael tried but in the end it was futile, the darkness would claim him far before he managed to fight back, and claim him it did. A darkness that rested him better than the grey limbo of stasis, a darkness that he welcomed…  


Chapter Two is ready, hope you guys enjoy


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Chapter 2


Slowly, the darkness rescinded, opening the channels for a dull ache to cover his entire body. Groaning, L’dael raised his still spinning head to inspect his current situation. First he checked his Bio readout. He had two cracked ribs, thankfully that was all the damage done. Yet. he thought, all the damage done yet, still got a long way to go. He was being dragged along a corridor by two grineer, a dozen man squad of lancers followed close behind. “Fantastic, this is gonna be difficult” he murmured to himself, letting out a resigned sigh, L’dael began thinking through the various ways he could possibly un-F*** the situation. Deep in thought, a voice into his mind. “Tenno! Are you alright?” the voice asked, calm tone now tinged with worry.

“Juuust peachy” grumbled L’dael, hoping his captors didn't notice his return to consciousness  “How far away are those reinforcements?”

“Not far, they landed half an hour ago, just hang on” with that the voice left his helmet in silence.


While he was compelled to hold tight to be rescued, L’dael wasn’t hedging his bets on the extraction teams ability to find him. He glanced up at the suit abilities in the top right of the HUD, noting that one in particular was highlighted. Casting a glance to the grineer that were carrying him, the one on the left was carrying his skana, intending to keep it as a trophy no doubt. L’dael didn't see any sign of his Braton or Lato, what he did see however that his left hand was just a few inches above the lancers Lex heavy pistol. A wide grin crossed his helmeted face. Bringing his legs up underneath him so he was walking in time with the grineer, he waited for the right moment. The lancer to his left coughed, setting him out of pace, that was his moment. L’dael snatched the Lex from its holster as he sprang into the air, charging the nova-light device with the last of his suits ability energy reservoir. His right arm raised, the corridor was bathed in super bright light, searing the eyes of all who were looking. Light fading, L’dael landed and kneed the lancer - who was now clutching his face in agony - in the stomach, doubling him over. Grabbing his skana, he ended the soldiers life with a shot from his new Lex, splattering gore across the floor. Pistol raised and skana swinging, L’dael killed. Heads exploding, guts spilling, no grineer would survive.


Soon, the last one toppled; two smoking holes in his chest and his left leg missing below the knee. As L’dael sheathed his skana the door in front of him slid open. Four lancers, weapons raised, stood in a line, blocking the doorway entirely. “ This isn’t...” L’dael began but paused to look around the bloodied corridor. “Okay, yeah this is exactly what it looks like” he said almost apologetically. Swinging the Lex up once more he checked the ammo readout. Four rounds, it’ll be enough as long as i don't miss he thought as he leveled the gun and peered down the sights. Trigger almost fully pulled, the four lancers collapsed on the floor.

“What the-” a confused L’dael muttered as he lowered the Lex. Looking up from where the unmoving grineer lay he saw a figure standing there.

A Nyx of purple and yellow stood with her hands on her hips, head cocked slightly to the left as she inspected L’dael and his handiwork

“Well this is a surprise” the Nyx mused, stepping over the bodies of dead grineer. “ I could've sworn we were told that someone needed to be rescued”

L’dael shrugged. “I try not to rely on others to haul my &#! out of the fire” was his reply, looking for spare pistol mags on the dead grineer.

“I can understand that, but still, you owe me...” she counted the dead grineer in the corridor, “ twelve kills” she announced triumphantly.

“Whatever” laughed L’dael “I take it the rest of your team are distracting the rest of the grineer?”

“More like keeping the extraction secure, neither of them are exactly good with subtlety.” The Nyx explained as she turned and began walking back the way she came. “Names Eleha by the way” she called over her shoulder.

“L’dael” was all he said, following close behind Eleha

“So L’dael, you coming?” with that she took off at a sprint, L’dael keeping pace. It was time to leave.



The chapters will be bigger from this point onward, mwuahahah, fixed the colour problems

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Chapter 3

They had been running for half an hour, dodging through the labyrinth of corridors and rooms that the mercury vault consisted of, dispatching entire squads of grineer they came across. These skirmishes were very much an education for L’dael, having never been able to closely observe the abilities of a Nyx before. He watched as Eleha tore through the minds of grineer lancers, causing them to turn on their fellows and saving L’dael the precious little ammo he had recovered for his Lex. Whilst having stunning mental abilities, Eleha’s use of her glaive was impressive, first using it to slice the throat of one grineer before smoothly spinning and sending it whirring into the chest of another some meters away; L’dael just used the methods he was expert with, lobbing energy javelins and blowing brains all over the walls. Between the skirmishes Eleha had explained to L’dael that her friends were waiting at a junction just in front of the corridor leading to the landing pad where their ship was landed, she also explained that the voice that he had heard when he was released, and during his brief spate in captivity, was a Tenno solely known as the Lotus. A mysterious figure that lead the Tenno and acted as operations controller for all teams operating in the field, quite how she managed this was a question far beyond the both of them - nor did they particularly care – as long as she could do it and keep everyone on the ball.


“Okay” Eleha said. They had come to a stop outside a door after sprinting for about five minutes. “We need to take the door on the right hand side of the room, past that should be the corridor where my friends are.” She activated the controls and the door slid open, much to her surprise, there were three grineer scorpions waiting inside. “You have our quarry.” The middle one hissed, which l’dael assumed to be the leader of the trio. The other two scorpions stepped forward the one on the right shouted “Hand him over, and we may ju-.” The scorpion was cut short by the bark of L’daels pistol, also taking Eleha by surprise - nobody had seen him move but all of a sudden he was ahead of her, pistol level. The bullet struck her in the throat and sent her down in a gurgling scream. Switching targets, L’dael shot again, catching the other one in the middle of her pallid forehead – she went down without a sound, head whipping backwards as her brains splattered through the back of her skull. The leader remained; shocked by the quick evolution of a situation she thought she was in control of. “You bastard” she howled as she raised her arm and fired the hook, eager to avenge her sisters. Sloppy ,L’dael thought as he span out of the way. Never attack out of anger, L’dael, your movements become uncontrolled and wild – making them easy to counter and in turn making you easier to kill. The words of his master shortly after becoming an initiate of his towns’ clan resonated strongly in his mind. He sliced through the cable that trailed the hook, drawing an enraged scream from the lips of the scorpion as she brought up her pistol. There was no more sound, no bark of pistol shots or enraged screams, just silence that can be only found when all the guns on a battlefield have fallen silent and the electricity of action has defused from the air. L’dael stood on the far side of the scorpion, his skana was held roughly where the stomach of the scorpion would be. Slowly, he stood up from his lowered position and returned his skana to the magnetic locks on his back. The scorpion looked confused; she did not realise what had happened, one moment the Tenno bastard was in front of her, the next he stood behind her. The scorpion fell in two halves from the waist, the confused expression permanently etched on her pallid features.  L’dael turned and looked at Eleha, who stood with her weapons ready. The entire ordeal had taken under thirty seconds. Slowly Eleha lowered her bow and walked over to the door on her right. “For a guy that’s been asleep for a few centuries, you don’t at all move or act like it” she remarked as she activated the next door. L’dael just shrugged and followed her through the open door, jogging a few steps so he could take point. The corridor ran straight for about twenty meters and then turned right. Just before the corner L’dael thought he heard Eleha mutter something, about to ask her as he rounded the corner, he turned and stared straight down the gaping maw of a gorgon machine gun. L’dael yelled in surprise and stumbled back a step, bringing up his Lex in the process, but before he could drop the hammer a new voice crackled to life in his helmet. “Easy there brother” said a deep voice. The gorgon lowered from L’daels face, revealing the wielder as a big man in a green and orange Vauban frame. “You must be the one” the big man offered his hand to shake “My name is Credeas.” L’dael lowered his pistol and shook Credeas’s hand. “L’dael” he said in introduction as he released his grip. “Where’s Shelwe?” Eleha asked Credeas. “Just ahead, she’s holding off the decaying ones in the eastern corridor.” Was his reply “I’m on point.”  With that he brought his gorgon up, turned and ran down the corridor, Eleha and L’dael close in tow.

The trio arrived at the door that the Tenno known as Shelwe was apparently beyond. The sound of gunfire was worryingly loud. “Shelwe, come in.” Eleha said over the link “We found our guy, time to pull out.”

“Sorry El” replied a female voice with a broad English accent “I’m a little occupied”, an explosion was heard muffled by the door but clearly through the link.

“We’re coming in” Eleha reported, cutting the link so Shelwe couldn’t object. Opening the door, L’dael saw a dark blue and red banshee hugging the corner of a wall as bullets poured past her. Once again he was reacting before anyone else had time to take in the situation. Stacking up behind the banshee, L’dael grabbed her by the shoulder. “What th-.” Shelwe began but before she could get any further L’dael had dragged her away from the corner and stood in her place. “Move. Now.” He told her as he popped out of cover and shot three times, two grineer went down screaming. He slid back into cover and ejected the empty magazine before slamming another one home and racking the slide. L’dael left the cover, not wanting to spend any more time than he had to close to the grineer gun-line. Shelwe still stood behind him, slightly shocked. She snapped out of it and ran with L’dael back to the door. Eleha shut it behind them, sealing the door by shooting the control panel with her Barton. “That’ll buy us a few minutes” Eleha said as she backed away from the door. “Shel, you okay?” she asked, turning to Shelwe.

“I’m...fine.” she seemed a little shaken by the speed L’dael had moved, turning to face him, Shelwe looked him up and down before saying “…not bad new guy, thank you.”

“I’m L’dael, try not to get bogged down like that, those situations tend to end far worse.” He said matter-of-factly.

“Well we better get going.” Eleha said. With that the four of them took off; Eleha leading, then L’dael, then Credeas and finally Shelwe. They darted up a long corridor they had passed on the way to get Shelwe and stopped just outside the door leading to the landing pad. L’dael cocked his head; he could hear a distant rumbling, undoubtedly the grineer were charging after them. “Grineer incoming.” He said simply, his mind was now completely focused on the fight. “You go and get the ship running, I’ll hold them off. “ They stepped through the door; l’dael took cover on the left hand side

“I’m with you.” Credeas responded, taking cover opposite him. The two girls ran to the ship and up the ramp as Credeas mowed down the first rank of grineer to come charging down the corridor. L’dael just popped in and out of cover, shooting what he could hit. Credeas on the other hand let the lead find its own target. Bodies clogged the corridor and L’dael dropped back to reload when he heard Eleha’s voice on the link. “L’dael, Credeas, engines are primed, get on board.”

“Copy that.” L’dael replied, calling over to Credeas “That’s us; you move first I’ll cover.” He left cover to kill another three grineer lancers, covering Credeas as he sprinted to the bottom of the ships boarding ramp before turning to cover L’dael. L’dael had just stepped back out of cover to fire another volley of rounds when a red light caught his eyes.

Time Froze. STALKER! The enraged voice in his mind screamed. And then a gunshot. Two. L’dael fell backwards. He could hear nothing but an angry ringing in his ears and finally darkness claimed him once more...


Voila, number three, enjoy.

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Welcome to Kor

Chapter 1

-Date: classified-

-Location: classified-

Thud thud thud thud. The sound echoed through the darkened corridors that L’dael knew so well. He was running for his life, something that he thought being a Tenno would never, ever entail. Twisting through corridor after corridor, trying to find the hangar, trying to find his escape. A cackling laughter filled the corridors and his helmet. “Brother” hissed a voice in his ear “Why are you running?” another cackle of laughter. Checking over his shoulder, L’dael almost ran straight into a wall, but he noticed and pushed off with one hand as he turned just in time and continued sprinting as fast as he could. “Brother-.” the voice began but L’dael interrupted it.

“Shut the F*** up” he panted and much to his surprise the voice silenced itself. Almost there, almost there so keep it together. He kept that thought running through his head. Last corner come o-, at that moment his mind silenced and he slid to a halt  shocked into immobility. L’dael had turned a corner and was staring down a long dark corridor and at the end of this corridor he saw a faintly glowing pattern of red. He backed away, turning to run back the way he came, his fear turned to sheer blind panic. The corner was gone, an equally long and dark corridor stretched out before him. F***....F***! His mind drew a blank, L’dael had no ideas, no tricks up his sleeve, no hope left. Knowing that it was his time, he stilled himself. He quieted his mind and calmed his heart before turning to face his brother. “No more running?” the voice questioned L’dael.

“No brother. No more running, it is time.” The red glow had stopped twenty meters in front of him.

“And here i thought you were no more cowardly than the master.” The comment raised the hairs on the back of L’daels neck.

“He was no coward.” L’dael growled, raising his Braton. The glow was stalking forward slowly.

“Oh yes, he was, he died like an honour less pig. begging for me to let him and the others go. No dignity in his death” The voice had a very audible sneer in it. The...others? The way the voice had said that hit L’dael like a punch to the gut, leaving an equally bad feeling there as well.

“You bastard...” L’dael had lowered his head and Braton as he thought about all of his friends that he knew as a fact he would never see again. “YOU TRAITOROUS BASTARD!” L’dael roared. Head and braton flew up once more to meet his brother head on. His finger pulled the trigger, spitting out rounds. Time slowed. The stalker was five meters from him. It was strange, the rounds had no effect and the muzzle flash was getting brighter and brighter. His traitorous brothers cackling laughter filled his ears. The muzzle flash was lasting longer and longer, bathing his vision in nothing but white...

-Date: Unknown-

-Time: Mercury Extraction + 2 terran standard hours-


-Location: Aboard a Tenno attack craft inbound to Kor-

L’daels eye’s flew open as he bolted upright with a small yelp. Eye’s scanned the narrow but long compartment, heart beating faster than a hummingbird's wings. He fell off the bench that he had been lying on and struggled to his feet. Credeas and Shelwe, who were no longer wearing their helmets which revealed Credeas to be a black and rugged looking man and Shelwe to have delicately feminine features stared back at him, eye’s wide in surprise. Credeas stood slowly from the bench on the left of L’dael. “Easy brother” He said slowly. L’daels lightning fast breathing began to slow. He noticed that he was out of armour and his undersuit undone down to the waist, revealing a well toned torso contoured by several scars ranging from small to massive. In his right hand he held the Lex he recovered from Mercury. Heart calmed, a tiredness claimed his entire body. The lex clattered to the floor as L’dael fell to his knees. “What...what happened?” He asked, sucking down a few shuddering breaths.

“Well...none of us can say for sure.” Credeas answered as he walked to where L’dael knelt. “I had fallen back to the ramp and you were about to follow, but when you went to shoot again you froze up. Next thing we knew was your head rocking backward as you fell to the floor. I had to drag you up the ramp.” Credeas helped him onto a bench as he continued to explain. “A sniper had got a shot on your head, luckily the round was deflected by your shields but it depleted them and the concussive impact knocked you out cold. Again, you got lucky, since you were falling the sniper couldn’t get another shot at your head, a marine probably jostled them and the next shot that i assume was meant for your chest went through your shoulder.” Credeas tapped the hard, light blue nano-pack encasing the entirety of his right shoulder. L’daels head was in his hands, breathing raggedly as the memory faded into the back of his mind once more. Finally, he raised his head. “I’m sorry, it was just the post stasis exhaustion.” He mumbled as his head dropped back to his hands. Eleha walked through from the cockpit at the far end of the compartment. Shelwe, who had just observed L’daels episode without a word turned towards her. “How is he?” Eleha asked quietly, not wanting to disturb Credeas and L’dael.

“Spooked.” Replied Shelwe, casting a glance towards the recovering L’dael. In truth, he was quite a handsome man, short light brown hair, simple features, some scruffy hair on his chin. Something that was truly strange about him was his eyes, where there should have been white there was dark grey, the iris was an icey blue, the only normal thing about them was the fact the pupils were black which was almost unnoticeable due to the dark grey surrounding them.

“We should put him through a full medical and psych-eval when we get back” was her final remark.

“That’s not for us to decide, Shel...” Eleha hesitated. “Lotus wants to see him, she’s meeting us at the airlock.” Now this was interesting. All Tenno knew that the Lotus hardly ever saw anyone in person, she was either in her private rooms or in the command center surrounded by her guards. The fact took a moment to sink in. “S#&$...” was all Shelwe could manage.

“At any rate, he’s got fifteen minutes to regain his composure.” Eleha said, turning and walking back to the cockpit.

yay, more of my garbage :D this one is a little short again i feel
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Chapter 2

L’dael remained on the bench with his head in his hands for those final fifteen minutes aboard the attack craft, desperately trying to push the memory of that day into the furthest recesses of his mind with the rest of them. The others had left him be for the most part. Credeas sat on the opposite side of the small compartment with his helmet on his lap, arms resting on top of it, eyes closed - probably deep in thought - he struck L’dael as that kind of person. Shelwe was sitting with her feet up, back up against the cockpit wall, also appearing to be deep in thought but probably just resting. “Alright lady and gentlemen.” Boomed Eleha’s voice across the intercom, Credeas and Shelwe opened their eyes, L’dael’s head remained firmly planted in his hands. “Touchdown in two minutes, pack stuff and prepare for the hand off.” Now that raised L’dael’s head. Hand off?  He thought. Credeas had put his helmet back on, a soft hissing sound as his suit re-compressed could be heard. Shelwe had moved past L’dael to the rear of the compartment and was standing by the boarding ramp, her Boltor was cradled in her arms like a baby. L’dael stood from the bench and pulled his undersuit up over his torso but the nano-pack encasing his shoulder prevented it from being done up completely, leaving a slash of scarred flesh visible. He looked up and found the large duffle bag in which his armour and skana had been stowed. He pulled it down and slung it across his left shoulder, turning to join Credeas and Shelwe at the ramp, he noticed his Lex still lay on the floor where he dropped it. He thought about it for a moment before deciding to attach it to one of the mag strips on his undersuits thigh, which was more commonly used to secure his armour so it was more than capable of holding the weight of the bulky pistol in place. L’dael momentarily felt twice as heavy as the artificial gravity of the attack craft and wherever they were overlapped before deactivating. They swayed slightly as the craft came to a static hover above the hangar floor. The engines slowly powered down, making for a feather soft landing. The engines cut off, leaving the compartment eerily quiet. A silence that was soon filled with clacking footsteps as Eleha made her way from the cockpit and joined the rest of them. “Got your stuff?” She asked L’dael. He just nodded, not yet ready to talk again. “Then off we go.” With that, Eleha pushed a button on the small control panel beside the ramp. It descended with a loud hiss. The moment it had touched down on the floor Eleha was walking down it, followed by L’dael, then Shelwe and Credeas. L’dael took a moment to survey the hangar. The roof was at least another fifty meters above his head and was fifty meters long to the left and right of him. They had landed along what L’daels best guess was the center line of the hangar, the door leading away from it directly in front of them. “Alright people, form up. Locust will be here any moment.” Eleha said, slinging her bow across her back, then clasping her hands in the small of her back and widening her stance. L’dael put the duffle bag down and followed suit, he stood to Eleha’s right, with Shelwe standing beside him and Credeas standing on the other side of Eleha. Moments later the door they stood twenty meters from split open with a pneumatic hiss. The first people to emerge through the door were two jet black Rhino frames, they stepped through and took up positions on beside of the door, aiming to either side. Then a woman appeared, she wore a strange head dress that left only her mouth visible and an equally strange dress which was dark purple much like her head dress. “Squad squad ‘tion.” Eleha barked, bring her arms to her side and feet together as the same time as the others, filling the silent hangar with a loud thunk. The hangar almost fell silent but the shoes the woman wore produced a loud clacking as she and another two black Rhino’s closed the twenty meter gap swiftly and stopped five meters in front of the four of them. “At ease.” The woman said in a calm and calculated voice, L’dael guessed instantly that this was the Lotus. “All present and accounted for, ma’am, plus one of course.” Eleha said, a humorous tone in her voice.

“Very good.” The Lotus remarked, not reacting to the humor. She turned to L’dael. “You must be our lost brother.” Her voice betrayed no emotion apart from that incredibly calming tone. L’dael brought his right arm across his chest and rested his clenched fist on his heart in salute. “Yes ma’am.” Was all he said before returning to ease. At this she nodded before turning back to face Eleha. “You and your team are dismissed for the next two days.” Lotus said before adding. “You did well on this one, Eleha, you’ve earned it.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” Eleha saluted in the same fashion as L’dael had before she and the other two broke from formation and walked toward the door. Lotus waited before the trio had left before speaking again. “So, you are the Tenno of black ink.” She said as she jestured the other two Rhino’s that were still beside the door to join her. The hairs on the back of L’daels neck prickled. “Sorry ma’am, I am afraid I don’t follow.” He said in confusion.

“During your escape I looked into your service record. It was standard to a point, but then almost every other entry is redacted under tier 10 classification. The codes for unlocking that tier no longer exist.” She said as if expecting L’dael to offer an explanation to what was behind all the classification. L’dael looked straight into the point of light that was in the middle of the head dress and at about eye height.

“It is classified for a reason.” L’dael said slowly, fighting back the memories that the mention of the classification dredged up. The hangar fell silent, the two of them were staring at each other. The silence lasted thirty seconds before the Lotus turned and began toward the door again. “Come, i’ll show you to your preparation room.” she said simply as her guards formed on her again. L’dael grabbed the bag and slung it over his left shoulder again before following the Lotus and her entourage out of the hangar, still confused over the solitary question that the lotus had asked, and why go to such lengths just to ask it.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ another short one; i know and i'm sorry. Also sorry for the late upload. These were both due in part for me not having time to edit or write and also having a hangover this morning.

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Chapter 3

L'dael slid down the inner wall of the small room. He had been led there by the Lotus and her entourage following the strange questioning she gave him. Clasping his hands behind his head he slumped forwards whilst taking a few deep breaths, trying to force the memories from so long ago back into his subconscious mind. He remained like this for five minutes, drawing long shuddering breaths, before he heard the door a meter to his left slid open with a ghostly hiss.

"Now now, being questioned by the Lotus isn't that bad." The voice counselled, it was Eleha. L'dael rose his head slightly. She was out of armour and now only wore the body suit that everyone had under their frame, only differences being that Eleha's had no sleeves - revealing well toned arms - and complimented her figure quite well.

"And even if you had a hard time, it pays to remember where a ladies eyes are, L'dael."

The humour in her voice made him smile to himself. He rose his head further to meet her ruby red eyes.

"It wasn't that bad. I'm still just a little worn from the cryo fatigue." A blatant lie, but L’dael couldn’t reveal his past, not yet if ever.

"Hmmmm...okay. Anyways, I've been chosen as your liaison for the day."

"Alright." He said as he rose to his feet and finally cast a glance around the room he was in. He had been leaning against the same wall that the door was on, the room extended five meters ahead of him and another three to his left. At the back was an armour stand and weapon mount, against the right wall was a desk - upon which eleha now sat - with some sort of access terminal and to the left was a small sofa. Also in the room was a man sized locker. L’dael set himself to unpacking, which solely consisted of setting his armour and weapons to the appropriate racks. Eleha sat on the desk, swinging her legs back and forth like a young child.

“So, Hunter of the tireless stalkers huh?”

L’dael was fiddling around with the helmet, it just wasn’t sitting right on the stand. “Hm?” He said not having really heard what Eleha said.

“You’re a hunter of the tireless stalkers?” She said louder, this time L’dael was able to conceal any reaction he might of had. He continued to fiddle with the helmet.


“It’s strange, i’ve never really heard about them, apart from the odd rumor.” Her thoughtful tone made L’dael stop what he was doing.


“Yep, like how there were only a hundred of you at any given point and how only a pair of your warriors could level an entire base.” There was a moments silence, and then L’dael started to chuckle quietly.

“I’m guessing this is you asking me to tell you about my Clan?” He held his helmet in his hands and stared down at it before turning and walking to the small sofa opposite Eleha. L’dael undid his undersuit again and let it fall to his waist before massaging his right shoulder.

“My clan my clan my clan...well...there isn’t much to say about it, i suppose we were what we were.” He looked at his helmet, underneath the paintwork where many scratches had been buffed out, though something remained. There was a rut that ran from one side to the other at eye height, it was almost unnoticeable. L’dael raised a hand to his face, thumb and forefinger going to the sides of his head close to his eyes and gently rubbed the scars that ran from ear to eye on either side. He stood up and placed the helmet on the stand, it slotted in perfectly this time. “Aww” Eleha said with a pout. “That wasn’t good at all.” L’dael chuckled again before picking up the empty bag that had held his armour. He walked over to the locker and keyed it open. He stopped dead. On the top shelf was a small black box, about twenty inches long by ten wide. L’dael put the bag in the bottom of the locker and picked up the box. “Where was this found.” He asked quietly.

“What?” Eleha noticed that he was holding the box. “Oh...that...” She looked away. “Well...you hadn’t mentioned it up until this point...but...everyone knows that - sorry, thought that - the entirety of the Tireless Stalkers were wiped out...I don’t know much about the box other than it’s yours...”

“I see.” He replaced the box, closed the locker and walked back to the sofa.

“I don’t mean to pry...but what’s inside it?”

L’dael stayed quiet for a long moment. “Memories.” He said simply, offering no further elaboration. The silence lingered for a moment longer. “Alright, liaison, I believe we have to attend to some things.” Eleha got up off the desk and cleared her throat, saving the questions she had for another time. “Very well, If you will follow me please, we will begin your orientation.”

sorry about the wait, but here's Welcome to Kor; Chapter three. Another short one but i promise the next one will be longer ^_^
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