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  1. The story was okay. Finishing the quest is feasible even for people like me who do not play K-Drives much, but it is very annoying. Mostof the other bits are easy enough, if a bit tedious but the races... Run the race, get knocked off K-Drive (despite the mod that lets you avoid 66% of falls). Fail. Run the race, get stuck under terrain. Fail. Run the race, have an enemy dropship spawn in front of you while you are in the air. Get blasted. Die. Fail. Run the race, get to the end. Oh, I needed 3600 not 3400... ... ... ... Fail. It took me ALL DAY yesterday to run the races and make the scores they wanted. I am not, by my own definition, a 'good' Warframe player' since I am getting older and my eyes are failing now. But I kept trying and evenutally managed. So, I got the BP, and now... I go to my dojo, build a lab, research three pieces and only THEN will I be able to build this frame. Screw that! I bought it. And now that I have it mastered? I am NEVER playing her again because trying to use her K-drive skill in normal maps doesn't work for me. Fall out of map, fail. Fall through floor. Fail. Get stuck in terrain. Fail. I am going back to my Baruuk and Hildryn, thank you very much.
  2. Finding all of the Orb Vallis tones took me a full two weeks of farming every day even with a guide, Loot Detector and Primed Animal Instinct. That was NOT fun. I think, HOPE, that the devs realize that. I hope they find a new way for us to get the tones. I don't MIND farming. This is Warframe after all. But that was insane.
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