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  1. The end of this one. Next one may be a few days while I fix some real world stuff.
  2. So is everyone else which is the idea. I will summarize: Zack and Janet worked for the Reverend Mother as agents. Spies, assassins, essentially the whole 'James Bond' package in a married couple. They had a girl and a new son on the way. Frohd Bek demanded the Clergy infiltrate the Tenno to determine the location of the Orokin tower at Mercury. (The one where Iriana works) The Reverend Mother had lost some support so she couldn't say 'No' even though the idea was completely the wrong side of stupid. Janet and Zack volunteered for what was essentially a suicide mission. They kne
  3. I DO understand, I was a paramedic. The pediatric cases really hit me hard. But before you villify me or anything...read ______________________________________________________
  4. Was that what it was? Really? Hmmm... Nikis isn't perfect. Just mean and ornery. When a shade starts pestering him,he gets MORE mean and ornery.
  5. Ah,not this AGAIN... *sigh* Don't you have ANYTHING better to do than complain about the exact same things over and over? OMG I can call it a squash so it must be a squash! See? Warframe is a squash. I say so, so it is. Who CARES what DE calls it. it's not like they OWN the game or anything. Some random person on the internet MUST be more informed than the OWNER of the game. Has to be. That makes about as much sense as this argument. Every time I see this argument pop up again, I am going to post this... SQUASH.
  6. I don't think we will 'mod' them per say. From what I get from the livestreams, we will have to 'adjust' things by interacting with the kubrow.
  7. Of course... If the virus is sentient and CHOOSING it's targets with care... Or DIRECTED by something sentient...
  8. New enemy is good. I LIKE the look, the sound and the mobility. It dropping crawlers is a nice touch. But as people have said, the poison cloud needs to be more visible. I have died more tot hat than anything else in the event.
  9. No WONDER he tore me to pieces when he showed... Was...unpleasant.
  10. Nope, me too. :( Guess the Corpus sabotaged the design. They don't want us to out-do Prodman after all...
  11. Of course asking players to make stuff like story and lore for themselves is stupid. We need to be handed everything on a silver platter, preferably gift wrapped. After all, why make things for ourselves when we can have a big name make them for us? Imagination is for fools. It's not like the game isn't finished. And it certainly isn't changing as we watch. It's not like we should work to make it better or anything. We DESERVE everything handed to us, preferably without paying for it. THIS is what I get from so many of these threads. I still prefer Warframe and likely always will as lo
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