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Lich keys: Endless lich missions

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Wonder why they don't make endless lich missions actually endless...but i do have an idea for endless lich difficulty missions,based around the lich system of course.

You will get lich keys,guaranteed from every lich mission,key level depends on the level of your lich. Also keys don't have a missio type,so 1 key can access all the endless mission types available.

Endless lich missions will appear on the star chart just on endless mission nodes just like arbitrations,and there will be at least 1-2 available every time for each tier.

In the endless lich missions,elite thralls will spawn,which gives x2 murmurs and have a 10% chance of dropping a requirem relic instead of 5%,and 10 of them will be guaranteed to spawn every rotation. They will also be harder than normal thralls,spawning at higher levels compared to other enemies as well as having a warframe ability,the ability is random,but it will have a higher chance of having one of the abilities of the frame you are using,as well as your squadmates frames.

Enemy levels will start 10 levels higher than normal lich missions based on the tier.

As for rewards there will be kuva,as well as kuva weapon parts and blueprints,all of which will be scattered across all 5 tiers. Each tier will have the same drop table regardless of mission type.

Rotations will be the standard AABC,but for each set(every 4 rotations),rarer kuva weapon part drop chances will increase,as well as the amount of kuva you get from each rotation will also go up.

Note that kuva will not be in the drop table,but will be automatically given for completing each rotation.

Kuva weapons built through this system won't have any elemental bonuses,but you can give them the bonuses through valance transfer.

Being able to obtain kuva weapons like this can somewhat solve the dupe issue,though is a bit more grindy,but much less RNG and also gives a reason to level your lich up as well as staying longer in the endless missions.

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