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Mobile foundry bug


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I found a bug in the mobile foundry. 

Claimed items that dont go to your inventory.

I build the full ash prime set on pc. I claimed the parts on mobile and tried to build the bp . Thats when i discovered that the systems were missing from my inventory.

I have  no idea where to report this. Thought the forums might help.                   Has anyone else encountered this problem?                                                      Is there any way to fix this? 



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Hi outlawzzz27,

For these type of inquiries, it is best if you contact Warframe Support: support.warframe.com
However, looking at the logs in your account I can see that you started and claimed the non-prime Ash systems blueprint.

Hopefully that clears up the confusion!

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Thank you so much for the reply i didnt expect it. And yes this does help allot, but im still a little confused im sure i grinded for the prime systems. Is it possible to see that in the logs?              If not its no problem i allready really appreciate that u took time to help me.

Now i just got another excuse to grind haha.

thanks again  

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