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  1. Thanks for the steps! Unfortunately I still can't reproduce the issue 😞 However, the next update has some major architectural changes. I also changed the way the foundry detail view is opened and closed (it's more efficient now). So hopefully the next update puts a rest to this issue!
  2. Yep this has been fixed and will be included in the next update. Thanks for reporting!
  3. I can't seem to repro on my iPhones here. Is the issue random or does it occur only on specific items? Also, the entire background should act as a close button, not just the X
  4. Which screen in particular are you referring to? Would you be able to provide a screenshot?
  5. A theory: I think this issue may only happen if you pause the app with the foundry listview open AND you have items in progress. This bug may be related to the timer that updates the progress bar on the list items. I have a feeling the issue will not occur if you do not have items in progress.
  6. Another important detail I need: When the app is in this broken state, do the "CLAIM" or "BUILD" or "RUSH" buttons in the listview still work? Also do you notice any loading spinners active?
  7. I'm honestly not sure what's causing this issue. I still have yet to reproduce it on any of my devices. I'll try keeping the app running for a long time as suggested. The next update will include a bump to the SDK version so maybe that will fix the issue 🤞
  8. Does the problem get fixed if you reload the Foundry page? (Open the menu > click Foundry > Foundry should reload) Also, are there any specific steps that you are doing that causes it to stop working? Like does it break after building 1 item, or claiming 1 item? Any certain number of clicks?
  9. Hey guys, So I've heard of this issue but have yet to reproduce it myself. Apparently restarting or re-installing the app fixes it. Last week's update ( included a potential fix but I'm not super confident it will fix the issue. Can you give me more details about your phone such as the model number and OS version? Also, when you click on a list item in the foundry, do you notice a button pressed effect? If you don't, then that means touches are being completely ignored. If you do, then that means the code itself is accepting touches but ignoring them for some reason. Thanks for your help and I apologize for the inconvenience! -Sean
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