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Zaw Nikana "The forgotten Blade"


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I plead ED to hear this cry for animation fixing.

seence the first time you guys added the Zaws and i found my Zaw Nikana i have been wealding it with pride.

but to my despear the animations have been over looket.

X there is 2 sheath's in Arsenal

X Sheath disapears while in mission 

X Sheath is unstealth in Mission 

Daikyu unfolded on the back in social areas.

bug screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/1oG4XD3

*sorry for the screenshots beeing so wiered but for some ression it keeps picking up my second monitor even tho its turned off*


the zaw Nikana Bug has been going on for almost 2 years now so this is the Forgotten blade,

and i couldent stand by anymore seence you guys added Zaw arcane's making it the perfect blade for me yet agien.

and as a side note my main wepon The Diakyu have very risently starting to act up unfolding in social areas like orbetor, relays,dojo,railjack.


I am well aware that ED have there plate full with railjack but if there is a animation bug fixer out there, plz save my wepons!


One of your bigest fans been with you guys from the Start.







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