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Warframe Running Animations


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When the Saint of Altra Update (25.7.0) was released, there was a small change to how running animations were displayed. As far as I could tell in 0.1x speed captura, when running at extreme sprint speeds a Warframe's feet seemed to move along the ground making it seem as though each step taken was the amount of distance that you actually covered. With the change, a single step looks far slower than the actual running speed, and frames like Volt and Loki just feel slower now. You can see step distance more clearly using an ephemera like shocking step, and the difference is very clear. It would be awesome to have this back as an optional feature, as I play the game a lot for the sense of speed that can be had from certain play styles.





Specific Patch Note:


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I know that I don't speak for anyone in DE's Staff, but they appreciate your feedback...


However... I honestly thought this thing was discussed, beaten, chewed, mangled and decomposed since the Saints of Altra update. You can search the...


... 357 topics created about it...

... in which the end result is that there isn't going to be an option for it, or reversal...

I don't feel slower, I actually feel faster, and I don't bother myself building my Warframes for speed... Each mod their Warframes as they see fit, but modding for Speed is stupid. You didn't ask my opinion, but I'm letting you know that its stupid. In fact, mods that provide bonus speed are stupid by nature, which is also part of my opinion... You know, the opinion you didn't ask? Yeah, that opinion...

Oh, and don't bother yourself to tell me that Warframe A or B (that isn't Gauss) was meant for Speed, Gauss was made specifically for that purpose. Any other Warframe, prior and after the release of Gauss, was never intended for Speed.


... The animation fits Warframes that do not exploit their animation speed through excessive mod effect stacking... Warframes that do, however, will feel the placebo of being slower than before because the animation is neither jerky or incorrect.

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