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Railjack is severely unstable.


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If you happen to join a random railjack squad, two things might happen. Your mission could go well with a few fun bugs like having your kuva ayanga equipped instead of the omni tool or walking around in the kneeling position, or your host might disconnect somehow and you get sent to the worst hell you've ever witnessed. You could just be lucky enough to see the following: Transparent ship, missing UI, the last crewship you need to complete the mission being stuck inside an asteroid, the railjack itself being stuck in the liset skybox with the mission complete but still in progress, distorted and mangled grineer tilesets, random pieces of metal sticking out infrond of the console hacking circle UI blocking your view, being locked inside the slingshot or turret for the whole mission, the ship being stuck in one place and can't move, grineer boarding squads glitching in the walls of the railjack, bleeding out kavats of your squad mates the size of a mobile defence console, and possible other things which I might have not experienced yet... Most of which lead to mission failure. I'm not trying to be mean. But the content is unplayable. I have wasted hours in missions that resulted in losses, not because of my skill level or the squad's performance but because of host issues.. 

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