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Hornet Strike Max 14

Lethal Torrent Max 11

Barrel Diffusion Max 11

No Return Max 7

Gunslinger Max 9

Ammo Xversion Max 7 or +Reload Speed if you like your primary/use ammo boxes



No Gunslinger/Ammo/Reload

Use Bane mod 9 and +cold/+cold+clip

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I'd imagine Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Hornet Strike, No return, Ice storm. Would make Acrid pretty well viable with no forma. 
You have 8 points left over after all those at max. 
So, convulsion/heatedcharge(45% boost), expel ___ /slip mag(25%)to take up the last 8. 
I don't know what will do more heated/convulsion or the expel mod to their respective weak faction but both would help going up against them.
For grineer expel grineer will get you the most out of your no return mod's bonus damage.
Slip mag gives you a larger clip to work with, a total boost of 10 extra shots I believe?  Which could be handy. 
That's really it for no forma. 
1-3V slots will give you +7/13/19 extra points, so you can decided how much more punch you want from there.  

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