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Host migration in railjack missions makes mission unplayable


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I had several host migrated railjack games, caused quite different errors, lots of them made mission unplayable.

- After migration, even all the directives were cleared before migration, mission and directives get a reset.

- Interaction gets serious bugs which makes missions after migration impossible to clear. List are possible bugs I've experienced.

 - Crewship reactor hacking console is not hackable. No key [X] prompt is given, and spamming key does not work. Crewship doesn't get any damage from either tenno or grineer. (This caused me to impossible to get the last crewship directive, area was all cleared and I got no more grineer ships warping in.)

 - Cannot access railjack pilot seat, turret, airlock nor slingshot. Just like hacking above, no key promp is given.

 - Makes structures indistructable. (Cryo Cylinder things that you need to destroy in order to progress)

 - When entering enemy facilities(asteroid, turbine engine, and etc), no mission indicators are given, no mission updates, and no enemy shows up. (Ex: access console, destroy core, etc)

Aborting (cleared and migrated) reset mission gives you failure screen. I am not sure about where the rewards from before migration actually go, but in failed result screen shows you only few things.)

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