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How Can?



I just reinstalled win 8 and i have my warframe folder in other drive, is there any way to play again without downloading again the whole game? if not, why I must do the next time to save this step?


thanks for your help.





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in theory if you ask steam to download, then abort, close steam, then copy the files over, then open steam again and ask for a file check for the game you should be oK.


Except that Steam's filecheck will revert the game to a pervious version, not sure which one it is but its never up to date. Ive used the file check to fix client bugs before and it always results in a re-DL and install (even right after U10 so its not syncing each major patch)


Your better bet is to install normally but DONT launch, then overwrite the files before launching it, so it doesnt have to download updates. Dont think theres a way to circumvent the base install.

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fixed (no steam)


1-download warframe installer and stop install after primary files were created.

2-copy my backup files in the new created folder and overwrite  

3-launch the game



thanks for your replies...

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