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Inaros Revisited Brainstorm


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Some thoughts on improvements for our space mummy king. He is nigh immortal, but his powers could use touchups.

Some of my gripes with Inaros' kit as follows. He makes minions but they don't do much to tie in with his healing and CC-ing kit. He wants to keep his Devour and Scarab Swarm enemies alive for a moment to have them do their healing effects, but allies can kill them instantly. His Sandstorm makes it difficult to help his allies kill enemies when they are flying all over the place. His Scarab Swarm heals based on the damage they deal, which means against armored enemies they barely pass for a Rejuvenation mod, in high levels where you and your team want and likely need the healing.

So here's some changes/additions to help juice up his kit a bit.



  • Siphoned hitpoints from allies are returned to them once Inaros resurrects.
  • Can also drain hitpoints from Sand Shadows and Obelisks (see Devour changes) to fill the revive gauge.



  • Now heals Devour Sand Shadows and causes Scarab Swarm targets to proc Corrosive from the damage per second.
  • Castable during Sandstorm.
  • Desiccation's Curse creates Sand Shadows separate from Devour's limit, but is still limited to 3 (6 Shadows max). Duration on these Sand Shadows is 15 seconds + Desiccation's modded duration. These Sand Shadows can also be healed by the sand wave.



  • The target now becomes an invulnerable and immobile Obelisk. Inaros can hold-cast on an enemy to create an Obelisk and immediately start draining it for hitpoints, or hold-cast on an active Obelisk to drain from it at range. Instead of pulling the Obelisk in, Inaros pulls himself toward the Obelisk. Allies can walk up to an Obelisk to heal by interaction.
  • Each Obelisk on cast spawns a Sand Shadow of the same enemy type. Up to three Obelisks can be active at once, therefore up to 3 Sand Shadows as well. These Sand Shadows last as long as the Obelisks do or until they die from damage.
  • All damage prevented by Obelisks are dealt when they expire. Inaros can cancel an Obelisk early by pressing the ability key on it again, or creating an Obelisk beyond the limit of 3.
  • Sand Shadows are healed by casting Desiccation on them and by Scarab Swarm's auras.
  • Sandstorm does not ragdoll or move Obelisks. Inaros will devour nearby Obelisks automatically during Sandstorm to heal himself.



  • Now considered an upper body animation (so you can keep moving during the casting animation).
  • Teleports all active Sand Shadows to Inaros on cast.
  • Only ragdolls enemies into the air if unaffected by Desiccation or Scarab Swarm. Enemies suffering from Desiccation and/or Scarab Swarm are dragged along the ground toward Inaros. Does not move Obelisks from where they are.
  • Dodge roll and backflip can quickly propel Inaros' storm in that direction.


Scarab Swarm

  • Heals Sand Shadows with the aura. Sand Shadows can now carry and spread the swarm.
  • Desiccation on enemies with Scarab Swarm causes them to receive Corrosive procs from the damage per second.


Hopefully not that drastic a revisit. His kit works just not as well as it should be.

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