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warframe loading screen freezing


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Well I have problems that I can not perform any mission in the game, hangs on the loading screen that reaches 50% and loads very slowly after that, problem started after updating EMPYREAN, I sent ticket to SUPPORT, but for the 4th time after sending the log files and DxDiag, simply the SUPPORT forgot me, I'm since 13/12 unable to play, I already lost some boosters that I gained from login and yesterday I missed the premiere of Ivara Prime's Prime access, Warframe game 2 years since Fortunately the Support part of the game is horrible, I remember that midway through the year I reported a Venari bug and it took 41 days to answer me, and before they answered me they tried to close my ticket 3 times, honestly I don't even know if I keep playing the game with a lack of support like this from the company !!! Surely all I lost in this wait time the company will not compensate me taking the frustration of waiting and trying contact and not receiving return -_-

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