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Problems with Railjack UI


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Only rare/important resources have a massive pop-up in regular missions. In Empyrean there's almost constantly one on your screen making it sometimes hard to tell if that's a resource you just picked or something picked by your teammate minutes ago waiting in a massive queue of notifications.
I'm still confused amout the refining thing. Do I lose stuff? I'm getting notifications about loads of picked resources, where do they go when forge is filled? Right to the post-mission rewards? Or into the dumpster? And if if it's the latter maybe give us a warning to refine our stuff?
And since pustrels, copernics, carbides and cubics are so important during mission, maybe there should be some constantly visible indicator? Like 4 tiny bars under the minimap or in the buffs rack.
I understand that managing resources if part of engineer's work but right now this refinement mechanics is just confusing and annoying.
Talking about forge... Where's the cooldown timer? I've seen it a couple times but most of the time it's just bugged and doesn't show up. And why not also include it in the forge menu itself?
And how about clear indication of whether my teammate is in space/on objective/on the ship? Instead of affinity range indicator or right next to it for example. I have constantly to ASK my friends where are they and what they are doing.
Can we have space waypoints? It would be pretty helpful to focus fire on those immortal enemies that keep turbo-regeneration even after their daddy-crewship is dead. Or for gunner to mark resources that pilot should pick up.
Oh, about resources. Maybe some of them (blueprints and avionics for example) should be auto-marked, like Vitus or Ayatan stars? Or even better, automatically picked up when enemy fighter is killed? And even regular resources that aren't very important should have much bigger glowing aura and "vacuum" range should be larger (and apply to archwings as well).
Avionis icons SUCK. All same shape, all same color, all same barely informative pattern with sometimes small readable element or detail like thermometer, fire or health crosses. Manufacturer is only distinguished via tiny dots or something on the outline. It's bad. It's really bad. Here's a few ideas for you:
1. Simplify the icons. What the hell are those arrows on the bulkhead? It seems like it's trying to tell me that it decreases my hull regen. Why just + isn't enough? Or if you want to be fancy go ahead and do some proper pictures instead of wasting your artists time on another nonsensical resource that's never going to be mentioned again. «Trachons», huh? Can I buy them with my orokin ciphers or juggernaut's severed sack?
2. You can even reuse some icons. Why isn't hyperflux using flux energy icon? You know, mixing detailed and minimalistic stuff together would really help to distinguish avionics from each other.
3. Different colors maybe? Orange for damage, purple for mobility, blue for tankiness, cyan for elemental resistances, green for archwing, white for the rest. Just an example.
4. Different shapes of icons? Rhombus Vidar, square Zetki, hexagon Lavan, circle no-House.
Ok, now to other complaints...
Buttons to select components/armaments are on the top left. Equip/back on the bottom right. There's double click for equip though, which is fine. But no shortcut for "back". How about RMB on empty space? Clicking between upper buttons that switch categories is much faster than clicking back or escape (because escape requires to put away my coffee mug).
Same for TAB to cycle through description/stats. Why not make it RMB like with intrinsics? And why not make stats primary and description secondary for mouse hover popup. Or even better, keep switching permanent. Pressed tab once - you can now hover over each gun to see stats. Pressed again - you are back to descriptions.
And can you please explain me that nonsense with limited slots for RJ components? Are there different limits for blueprints and assembled parts? It auto-scraps excess blueprints but offers me to buy slots when I repair new stuff. What slots? Where else I can buy them? Where I can see them? Why even include this stupid system? Why scrap BLUEPRINTS? Whoever came up with this idea is out of his mind and the way it's implemented silently and you're unable to see how much space you have left without COUNTING your BPs (after you checked the limit in patch notes) makes the issue even worse.
Why can't I sort armaments by weapon type/tier/manufacturer?
Why are intrinsics hidden in profile (also requiring to be in Orbiter) if you don't have your own Railjack? Why not put it into vehicles section in Arsenal? Or make at least just this part of RJ Configuration console available for those who hasn't built it?
And what do "engines" and "secondary color" (not to confuse with just "secondary") do in RJ appearance customization? And who not allow us to customize interior from the inside? Seeing just one room from one angle isn't very informative. I had to go in and out back and forth a few times to get desired results.

I enjoy Railjack gameplay and it's probably the best "big" update in the game so far (at least if we assume that more RJ content is coming), but cumbersome equipment and resources management along with some incomplete information about what's going on in missions combined with down right insidious sneaky slots restrictions causes even more frustration than all the bugs.

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