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  1. Thanks for the freebie I guess but why not just fix atrocious grind of those frames or make them an alert reward? Nobody really cares about those streams and most of players don't keep track of them. It's basically DE exploiting poor grindy lootboxy design of the game to farm twitch presence.
  2. Fixed that for you. Honestly I'm baffled that DE did not replace all defecation nodes with disruption when they had a chance.
  3. You already reward DE with your service (beta testing their game).
  4. We need more shelves in personal quarters, I'm running out of space for decorations.
  5. No Blueprint? Nice prank, DE. Also, since Twitch drops are now basically Alerts 3.0, why not just bring Alerts back?
  6. Railjack resource and equipment management is classic DE: bloating every new systems with trillions of new resources to make sure that at least one of them would be scarce enough to encourage grind is more important that establishing simple and satisfying progression. Then players accumulate too much of the rest of resources and DE introduce a trillion more new ones. Dirac should be universal RJ upgrade currency. We moved away from fusing mods with duplicates long ago in favor of simple and straightforward Endo but DE never learns. At least half of uncommon/rare resources should just be ditched. 16 different resources dropping from just one mission type is too much even by DE standards.
  7. Can we get rid of this please? Remember when Warframe was a coop game? Now whenever my friends return to the game I have to wait a couple hours until they catch up with quests so we can play new content properly. And then we only have time to do a sortie or just move to other game because last 3 hours of Warframe weren't very fun. I can understand something like Second Dream requiring you to play solo, there are massive cutscenes and quests are written in a way that makes other players out of place, but those quests are rare. There's no reason for Vox Solaris or Deadlock Protocol to be solo-only for example. Also, as a side note, relays and open world hubs, where solo mode is needed so much, are public-only.
  8. Automated moderation is still moderation, big brain. ?
  9. With DE's horrible moderation it's safer to always assume the worst.
  10. It's a shame that Helminth has prime allergy. I'd rather wait for Harrow Prime and Khora Prime than endure their farm again. Thanks god I didn't sell spare parts of frames that are annoying to farm. I've been suspecting that DE would pull off something like that some day.
  11. We had "real" exterminate back in the days, it sucked. It was like current Lua exterminate with its broken spawns. It would be even slower now without coptering. 😢
  12. Lich creation system is stupid. New players are more likely to just stab the larvling to see what happens than to go to wiki and see if they are supposed to do this or not. Lich creation should've been moved to its own node in Kuva Fortress. Maybe even locked behind MR-gated quest.
  13. Is risking to get auto-2035'd or losting rewards due to netcode spaghetti even worth it?
  14. Having reloading in the first place was a mistake. It only belongs in realistic games. Horrible reload times is one of the reasons half of guns in the game are nearly unusable. I can accept it when it gives a weapon its own "rhytm" (like Spinfusor vs Twinfusor in Tribes: Ascend), for a few guns in Warframe this is the case, but most of the times it's just a reminder that nukeframes and melee are the only DE Approved™ Intended® ways to play. Gears of War reload minigame is trash because it's only there to distract you from the fact that you're sitting behind a cover doing nothing. If reload is so long that can shove a whole minigame into it then it shouldn't be that long in the first place.
  15. Spawn rates on regular Starchart feel absolutely miserable after completing Sponge Path.
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