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  1. I guess I'll never have a chance to enjoy the system in its good state because I already have all the old lich MR fodder and will get the 2 new pieces before liches arrive to Railjack missions like was shown in Tennocon demo. Well, maybe with Corpus liches. It's good that you guys are addressing the grind part, but will the fundamental dullness of the system ever be fixed? I mean, they are supposed to be very personal enemies, with strengths, weaknesses and quirks but all we have now is just a few set of elemental abilities and 3 symbols password we have to bruteforce. Quirks don't seem to matter, elemental resistances and weaknesses aren't really noticeable, most of progress towards killing lich is achieved via murdering hordes of their thralls while interaction with liches themselves are very limited, there's no tweaking your build and strategy to deal with particular lich, no unique ways to lure liches out, just grinding the rage meter. They are all same, they all behave the same, they are all killed in a same way, nothing about them is unique or personal besides looks and names. Also, I think that larvling carrying regular version of lich's weapon instead of just showing icon would be more subtle approach.
  2. Oh, and since it's now UI complaints thread... Can animations of transition between menus be like... 10 times faster? And why do 90% of avionics icons look like samey mess of lines that tells players NOTHING?
  3. I'd put credits, endo, kuva, vitus, void traces to separate section (see picture on the right, I'd also add mission timer there). Showing total value acquired over the mission with hover-over menu showing details (caches, mission reward, pickup). Unlike 99.9% of other resources you always need those so seeing its gains with a quick glance at consistent spot without splitting it into different drops for each rotation unless you specifically look for it would be great and more helpful than the entirety of this UI rework prototype. All the regular resources can go to the bottom on main rewards list because after certain amount of playtime you just don't care. Mods in the middle, sorted by rarity. The rest: ayatan sculptures, prime parts, ephemeras, arcanes, formas, any blueprints, whatever, goes to the top of the list. Plus extra priority to boosters and riven mods. Stuff from caches, relics and rotations gets background highlighted with special color. Highlight endo or kuva counter if it's your sortie reward. Couldn't bother to put it all in the mockup, sorry for wall of text.
  4. The future seems bright No hotfix in sight The dices are rolling Through vacuum I'm strolling While kinds of garbo Are filling my cargo Pay titanium toll For another dice roll Grinding the gears Confirming worst fears An island in space As is always the case
  5. Hey, I care about immersion. Circus magicians and chinese folklore character turned into template MOBA heroes aren't helping with that.
  6. I actually do because I hate cosplay-frames that aren't even trying to be subtle with their "theme" and it's annoying to see every single game having their own version of Wukong.
  7. This is why I'm not so excited about killing Lotus. Ordis is the most likely candidate to replace her. I'd gladly pay thousands of plat just to uninstall this abomination from my Orbiter.
  8. Add some visual indication to see who succs your energy ffs. This has been annoying me for many years. It's like having invisible nullifiers.
  9. Having a small window to counter ancients'/scorpions' grapple or quickly recover from knowckdown with properly timed jump would make it tolerable. But right now it's just pointless annoyance that adds nothing of value to the gameplay. Annoyances aren't substitute for well designed enemies and challenge, DE, stop doing this.
  10. Please fix black walls randomly appearing around you when you're using RJ side turrets (unless you're host I guess). This bug persists since the release of Empyrean.
  11. Kefirno

    Cat AIDS bugged?

    I used three or so Vasca Curative on my cat and he still has this annoying effect. Sometimes. I notices that he's infected, went into mission, no red glow, used curative, went back to orbiter, red glow reappeared, went into another mission, red glow is there, cured him, glow reappeared in orbiter, went into PoE, cured again, it reappeared right after I loaded into Cetus, he still has it. I can't even tell if he's actually infected or it's just visual bug, because there's no proper indication of infection besides visual effect. Also, the whole "sit through at least 3 loading screens and do click a dozen times through arsenal and gear to get rid of annoying eyesore" mechanic is garbage. Cats should be curable from incubator menu. Not to mention that this whole thing only exists as a convoluted way to get one useless MR fodder pet.
  12. Nice to see shared loot finally implemented even thuogh it's a month too late so there's nobody left for me to share loot with lmao. AFK protection for is stupid though. At least keep it only for pub groups if you're so insecure about your game and know that some people would prefer to stay AFK rather than play the game to grind for new stuff. AFK protection means that my whole squad should stop collecting loot if I need to take a leak or answer a phone call. Nerfing Mirage ephemera trick is also stupid. Eclipse is unreliable garbage. If you want to nerf some DIY fixes for trash abilities community comes up with then at least introduce it with proper rework. Fixes and features still missing: Omnitool hotkey (was promised in first Devstream after Empyrean release btw). Space vacuum (both for archwings and RJ pilot) and/or RJ enemies dropping loot right after they die. And don't you dare making it an avionic. RJ armaments capacity being displayed somewhere in RJ configuration screen. Also wreckage cap makes no sense unless you make the parts tradeable. Some way to manage/browse avionics and wreckage without built Railjack. Reduction in RJ repairs grind and time gates (especially time gates) Reduction in dojo RJ components research time (it's faster to just acquire MK1-2-3 part by the time MK1 from dojo is finished researching). Universal medallion returning to conclave. Fix for combo-ruining "hold to heavy attack". "Visible when holstered" working for Shedu (and other visual fixes, it's janky as hell right now, constantly points down in archwing, disappears during wall latch). Fix to black walls randomly appearing around you when using side turrets in RJ (haven't checked but this isn't mentioned in patch notes) Fix to wreckage list glitches introduces in previous hotfix, see example below: missing wreckage icon (left, mid row), missing item in the last row (displayed properly when scrolled further).
  13. Black walls still randomly appear when you're using side turrets (unless you're host I guess). I've been seeing this bug since Empyrean release and it's still not fixed.
  14. Any gameplay-related stuff should be acquired reliably, even if it's behind a tangible grind wall (like huge resource of standing costs). Heavy RNG in case of something like rare mods or arcanes is only acceptable due to existence of trading. I still consider Khora grind unacceptable btw.
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