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  1. Well, there's 0.000001% chance that DE will overcome their stubbornness and ditch all these garbage minigames altogether just like Raids, Solar Rails and Archwing missions... in five or so years if Warframe is still alive. But more likely DE will just trivialize some of the most tedious grind when next round of resource creep comes along. Mutalist Thumper or something like that.
  2. More fishing? Seriously? Ok, I'm gonna wait another couple months.
  3. It wastes their money lol.
  4. A few months of constant DREEEEEEMURR!!!! DETECTING GLASS RESONANCE!!! interruption contaminating almost every piece of content. Awful, tedious walking simulator minigame followed by another awful braindead puzzle mingame. Clumsy attempt at murder mystery that unravels exclusively through exposition dumps from a character that has nothing to do with the events. Lackluster bossfight. Wasted opportunity to glass Nora for good and replace her with better character that doesn't wreck any semblance of immersion. And as cherry on top, gut-wrenching cringe of her voice lines
  5. I'm talking about sleep-inducing T3 survival camping runs and CC frames spamming one button non-stop in Raids.
  6. Your fanfiction about how space magic robots work have nothing to with game mechanics.
  7. Log off because alert with stuff you wanted ended when you were at school/at work/asleep. Stop trying to present alerts as something they never were. Ahahah. You criticize Nightwave for demanding 2 hours a week to get guaranteed rewards and then defend time-consuming RNG trash like Void Towers and Raids. If spamming one button for 2 hours to get rare item with bloated market price is what you really want then I've got some good news for you: farming kuva and rivens from Steel Path fits all the criteria just perfectly.
  8. Raids were trash, Solar Rails were trash, Void Towers system was trash, Alerts were trash, Acolytes were trash. Thanks god it all got yeeted. Removing bad content is better than trying to polish a turd. Can't wait for Conclave and Defection to get euthanized.
  9. Please stop wasting your resources on these pointless tweaks if you don't have any intentions to actually fix Xaku. Fake void damage, invulnerable gazed enemies, clunky The Lost cycling are never going to addressed I assume.
  10. Can't care less about new fancy rendering when everything is overexposed white mess with overblown blinding vfx on top. Last time I checked the recently introduced deep fried overexposure issue was present in both rendering modes. And excessive effects have been an issue since forever and only got worse over the years.
  11. 1. Most powerful mods should be conditional. On subsequent shot, on headshot, on first shot in magazine, for each target hit, on direct hit etc. It's still going to lead to some cookie-cutter builds, but at least instead of "generic crit primary" build we'll have "generic semi-auto primary", "generic aoe", "generic low magazine" etc. 2. Mods should provide mix of utility and raw damage. To make modding affect not just big numbers but also feel of the weapon. And by utility I mean reload, fire rate and punch through. I don't care that it's indirect sustained DPS boost, it's nothing compare
  12. Energized munitions' laughable duration really hurts. It could be amazing ability because guns in general suck, but it's only usable if you build around 300% duration. And even then you'd have to spam it quite a lot. Why the hell a universal ability that doesn't even interact with other abilities is so restrictive in regards to frames that can benefit from it?
  13. I was hoarding my articulas in a trashpile in a corner of the operator room but soon found out that they have insane capacity cost compared to other decorations so I had to stop. Feeding this trash to Helminth would be much appreciated.
  14. That would be great. We already have most powerful guns in melee slot and pea-shooters in heavy weapon slot. If DE are incapable of balancing anything or giving weapons properly defined roles then it's better to just embrace the chaos and let players enjoy the variety.
  15. Yep, Trinity is the worst, Ambulas fight is absolute trash. You're literally just sitting through timers doing NOTHING without any way to speed things up and without any rewards on top of trinity parts. Even parazon mod doesn't drop in assassination lol. Also, if we count beacons farm it might take longer per roll than regular 20 minutes C rotation because dropship in Defense frequently arrives without Ambulas. Khora, Harrow and Trinity are basically plat-locked frames because Khora has unreasonably tiny drop chance and the other two are locked behind "content" so awful that you'd better
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