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Railjack UI when you don't have a railjack...


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Does it really have to be this restrictive? I think that the full railjack UI (with only actual placement of parts/mods disabled) should be available as soon as you're able to join a mission, not when you actually built the thing. I understand the "no spoilers" aspect of it, but  by the time you can actually join other people's railjack missions there won't be much spoiling anyway. 


I just don't see the reason for almost everything railjack-related to be blanked off -- you can't contribute to the clan projects, or even see what your clan has besides a blueprint for Cy, I seemingly can't board clanmate's railjacks from the dojo (though it works sometimes, so it might be just the part of current buggedness of all railjack features) you can't see your railjack-related loot (except basic resources) -- Is it gone, BTW, or does the game still keep it?

The only thing that you can access is intrinsics (because you'd be useless as a crew without those, I guess) and you actually need a guide to find it...   (and again, it's enough of a spoiler all by itself...)

And, besides, railjack isn't like spoilermode. It's a whole new game mode, with DE dropping the update at a major awards show, and featuring it in marketing... I simply don't see why its UI is hidden like it is now.

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