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Archwing movement


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 As a Switch player I got Rising Tide just less than a week ago and was surprised to find that the Archwing changes had kinda flew under my radar - they took me a little while to get used to, at least in the sense of button mappings - and at first I didn't mind because I hadn't done Archwing in a while, and mostly just used it to get around the open world areas in the game. For me this was just another control scheme to conquer, so initially I was only disappointed that I couldn't perform dumb unnecessary manoeuvres while making my way to an objective anymore, but over time this new Archwing movement system has really began to take it's toll on me playing Archwing at all. With one particular reason being at the core of it:

...Actual physical nausea.

 I generally try to hold off on truly complaining about games that I get to play for free, especially if the issue at hand is just to do with personal frustration and nothing else (Hello, Grendel missions. Though in hindsight they weren't the worst. Grendel is worth it, IMO.). But the new Archwing changes are actively impacting my ability to play the game comfortably, and that's where I draw a line. I have no history of motion sickness at all, but Archwing as it stands right now is incredibly disorientating to me to a point where something I initially really warmed up to as a game-mode is now almost a no-go. -and with Empyrean on the horizon, it's incredibly worrying for me in terms of how much I'm going to enjoy content moving forward.

 The two key things really just making the whole current Archwing experience hard to keep down are pretty clear to me, so I'm just going to say them:

  • Forced to be upright. / No roll, limited pitch.
  • No momentum. / Jerky movement.

I know this might sound contradictory to a lot of players experiences - I definitely understand not having a sense of which way is "up" is actually usually the problem for people - but in my case this is incredibly unnatural, especially after getting so used to the previous Archwing experience.

 In the case of being forced to be upright, this is usually because there's no ground in Archwing to compare your position to (and therefore is massively disorientating since there's effectively no "real" up or down - lack of gravity and whatever), but it eventually even started to become a problem in PoE/Vallis, where letting my brain naturally keep track of which way was down suddenly began to betray me. Hills and mountains suddenly felt like massive obstacles as opposed to part of the landmass, because I couldn't naturally adjust my roll to a view which was comfortable for me to move past or even up them at high speeds. Before, when I needed to be upright and find my bearings, I found a way to become upright (usually by exiting the boost mode or even just hopping out of Archwing completely for a second if I was in PoE/Vallis), but now that that's a constant I'm suddenly lacking in options for not just the enjoyment of movement in Archwing, but in comfort.

 As for the lack of momentum and the actual changes in movement, this isn't quite as noticeable in full-blown Archwing missions where the physics are slightly different, but it still makes an impact... In PoE/Vallis though, I literally can't handle using Archwing for combat at all because the movement is so jerky outside of the boost mode. I feel like I'm being shaken around if I change direction even twice within a second. When I expect some kind of inertia, I suddenly get absolute stops or perfect acceleration. That's great in theory for making Archwing better at manoeuvring, but for me it ultimately upsets my sense of control and at worst makes me feel genuinely sick. -and you can't fly at all if you're too busy almost throwing up.

 I'm really curious as to if anyone else has had similar experiences with new Archwing (or if I'm just weird). As of typing, Razorback Armada just became active on Switch, and I'd really like that basically free Orokin Catalyst (I also happen to kinda enjoy the Razorback fight). But with new Archwing I'm going to have to take a lot of breaks mid-mission while farming for ALUs to counteract just how unnatural Archwing feels to me right now (I might even consider skipping this event entirely if it gets particularly bad...), and that genuinely sucks not just because I would usually look forward to a real excuse to play a different style of mission for a while, but because obviously I now have to deal with content that genuinely makes me uncomfortable just to see those rewards.

 As a final note: I know others have more general complaints about Archwing (I've seen the threads about it "taking less skill" or just "still not being fun", etc, etc. - but those are issues I either don't have or could honestly just get over and deal with.), but this is my first experience with any kind of motion sickness at all, and I just wanted to address it because it's incredibly unfortunate and jarring to just have this start occurring when more Archwing-centric content is coming my way.

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1 minute ago, Zelmen said:

The insta stop is weird. They should have drift. No aircraft ever depicted didn't have some form of drift.

It honestly only gets weirder when you realise that on-foot gameplay has more momentum than Archwing in zero gravity does. Really uncomfortable feeling to me.

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