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Me again-Frost TIme


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me again- ive already done zephyr, hydroid, and titania concept and am finalizing decisions on nekros and nyx before I make any posts so now it's time for another quick rework concept- this time it's about frost- My major gripe with the big guy is that while he is supposed to be the "balance between offence and defence" in our current game he is only useful at defense and other frames can do it even better (Gara, Limbo,etc)- another is that wihtout his snowglobe his survivability is not mobile and thus people want some kind of frost armor- lets get to my concepts

Passive-Current- nope- requires you to get hit, small chance, not useful

IDea-(yes, it is a meter, im sorry for those who dont like these)- Placeholder Name: Below Zero- When frost uses his abilities he passively reduces the temperature of the environment and himself- represented by a temperature bar on the side going down- the lower the temperature the more armor and effects he gains- armor bonus is a multiplier- with every 10 degrees below he gains 1x armor bonus up to 10x- with every 10 degrees below there is a 10% chance for patches of snow/ice to spawn near ability casts which apply cold procs to enemies

Also- cold procs in general are not very effective- similar to ember redoing cold damage would be great-

IDea for that- on cold proc apply a slow to actions and cause enemies to take dps when moving, firing weapons, performing other actions- frostbite

New 1- Squall- rather then a single target freeze squall targets a cone/rectangular area in the direction of your crosshairs with the range/angle being effected by power range- the squall deals cold dps with a 50%  chance to apply a cold proc- effect duration based on duration -damage based on power strength

2-New 2- Create a temporary heavy blade of ice in your hands, likely an axe, and slide forward in the target direction stopping at the first enemy encountered and swinging your blade dealing cold and slash damage in a 180 degree area in front of you- If you strike a FROZEN enemy they shatter, causing the armor reduction to become permanent and dealing bonus damage to them and neaby enemies while allowing you to use your blade yet again- casting in the air causes you to perform a ground slam that freezes nearby enemies(slide along a self created path of ice)


3- snowglobe- it can stay the same- yay

4-True North/Flash Freeze- current avalanche does not provide the offensive his profile promises- with that in mind- Frost Stops actions and slams his hands together conjuring a wave of cold damage that spreads out from his location to it;s max range or until deactivated- the ability coats the ground and enemies in ice, instantly freezing them- enemies who enter after the initial wave will have a chance to fall on the ice and take cold damage- increased chance while being attacked or attacking 100% if they cast an ability-nullifiers are immune to the wave but not the slip effect- Frost Meter cannot raise to warmer temp while in the radius- 2 gains bonus range and slide speed


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