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Grendel buff ideas


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I find Grendel an incredible warframe with a bit of a missed potential. The act of eating on enemies basically takes enemies out of the field permanently and that's something incredible in itself. 

My one problem with Grendel though is the fact his 4 just feels bad while using it. It's incredibly hard to move, and I'm aware it's supposed to work like that, but I had some ideas that I wanted to share.


Grendel's best friend in the game's lore is Gauss. So why's there no compatibility with Gauss at all? At least not a clear one. I remember at one point it was suggested that Grendel could be kicked by Gauss by having him running into Grendel's ball form. This'd be my first idea, to make this possible would be a nice start.


Have Grendel's ball form be affected by elements. Grendel could be affected by Gauss's Thermal Sunder maybe? Imagine a Grendel buffed by Cold, Heat or Blast and then shot by Gauss. Yet another possible synergy for these 2 friends. Heck there had to be a reason for these 2 to always be together I think? In the future you could even take this further (with an augment maybe) by allowing allies to shoot Grendel to boost him with extra elements, imagine Gauss kicking Grendel for an explosive ball of Heat, Cold or whatever element he had slapped on him! 


For all that is sacred... just allow for better movement with his 4. Grendel's Pulverize feels like a chore to move properly if you want to go up some hill or anything that has anything close to a descent... 

These were random thoughts that I felt like typing here, I was suggested to come here and post. I just think every warframe released this year was amazing but Gauss started a bit on the underwhelming side and ended up amazing. Grendel feels underwhelming right now but the potential underneath is just staggering. 

Here's hoping this pleases you guys. Please share your thoughts.

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