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[Warframe Concept reworked] Faust - the Warlock frame


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Attempted to keep the risk and reward idea while adding in more Devil May Cry and Bayonetta this time, hopefully allowing this frame to juggle more effectively, control more intuitively, yet reward better the higher the risk taken.


Faust was originally a Limbo that messed up a void jump and got shredded into pieces in the void. Enough of the neuroptics survived to keep its somatic link up, but not enough to sever it, and Limbo called out for help. The Man in the Wall patched it up with broken Sentient parts and void energy in exchange for...something...the newly baptized Faust couldn't void jump properly like a normal Limbo, only temporarily before being pulled back into its current plane of existence. It was soon rescued and reverse engineered by Orokin.


Health: 100 (200 at rank 30)
Shield: 100 (400 at rank 30)
Armor: 150
Energy: 100 (150 at rank 30)

Sprint: 1.25

Double tap W, A, S, or D to Void Dash/Sidestep/Backstep in that direction, this does not interrupt reloading or aiming, but acts to cancel other animations at any time, such as rolling, bullet jumping, and melee. When performed in mid-air, this causes Faust to move parallel to the ground in that direction without losing height. Dashing directly into enemies causes a short flinch in a radius around Faust. Faust is immune to all attacks for the duration of the dash, but is vulnerable between dashes. Mid-air dashes are limited to 3 per jump/enemy step. Aim at ground while double tapping W to descend faster than slam attack, but without dealing damage

Faust's SPACE allows Faust to enemy step, which is to start a jump from the top of an enemy's hitbox if the enemy is within half a meter away, this move both cancels and resets double jump, air dash, and all one use mid-air melee moves, meaning the user can double jump -> dash 3x -> enemy step -> double jump -> dash 3x to their hearts' content as long as they time it right

Faust's SHIFT + WASD is now also a quick dash, but with the hitbox of a rolling warframe that also temporarily nullifies all damage until the first dash ends. All dashes do not alert unalerted enemies unless Faust remains within line of sight after the dash. 

SHIFT, SHIFT + WASD, or double tap WASD at exactly 0.5 seconds before getting hit to spawn a mini Void Tear similar to Salvation which slows enemies and bullets down for the duration of the maneuver + 0.5 seconds. "SHIFT without direction"'s tear lasts for 0.75 seconds instead. All enemies and bullets caught in this tear gain friendly fire.

W + SHIFT when aiming at an enemy warps Faust 10 meters toward it if there is no environmental obstacle partially blocking the way

Tap CTRL to to temporarily phase into the void. This staggers all enemies within 3 feet and renders Faust immune to all incoming attacks, knockback, knockdown, and status effects for 0.5 seconds each tap, 0.3 seconds cooldown. "Void Phase" keeps Faust stationary where he is for the whole 0.5 seconds. this move both cancels and resets double jump, air dash, and all one use mid-air melee moves, meaning the user can double jump -> dash 3x -> Void Phase -> double jump -> dash 3x to their hearts' content as long as they time it right

Melee attacks with any melee weapon manual parries attacks that meet its hitbox 

Right Click + E while aiming at an enemy to pull that enemy toward Faust

Right Click + E without aiming at an enemy to throw a dagger where the reticle points to. This dagger hovers where it is, points toward Faust's location at time of throwing, and impales enemies that touch its blade (NOT its handle). This dagger takes the form of a bolline if Faust is currently using a melee weapon or an athame if Faust is currently using a ranged weapon. Each dagger deals 100-100 magnetic-corrosive damage with 100% status chance and keeps an impaled enemy stationary for 0.5 seconds before disappearing and dropping the impaled enemy. Shoot to have all daggers spawned this way hurl themselves at the enemy shot at, punching through all enemies on the way except for the target

Bullet Jumping is the same as all other warframes.

Every time Faust gains a stack in the combo meter without getting hit, a small rip into the void opens and spills out a bunch of "void tendrils" that punch into the last enemy attacked, staggering and impaling them for 0.25 seconds.

Faust gains a "Confidence" meter that adds to the damage of each attack. Being hit with bullets, pulls from Ancients/Scorpions, and nonexplosive corpus weapons has a 100%/85%/70%/55% chance to reduce built-up confidence by 10%, while being hit by melee or knocked down has a 100%/75%/55% chance to completely remove all confidence. 

Confidence is gained by either performing a stealth kill, dodging an attack, gaining another stack in the combo meter, manual parrying, or Void Phasing

Confidence gain hierarchy is as follows: combo confidence gain > Void Phase confidence gain > manual parry confidence gain > stealth kill confidence gain > dodge by walking confidence gain > dodge by dashing or running confidence gain.

Deliverance: press once to create a swirling vortex of mist where the reticle is originally aimed. This continuously drains energy, grows larger and thicker every tick. Shoot or melee attack to have the next attacks aimed at the mist in 2 seconds from the entire party multishot by the number of ticks the skill is held for and apply as AoEs on the area inside the mist. performing a melee attack on the spot where this skill was held will count as a hit in the mist. successfully performing a headshot on one enemy within the mist will count as a headshot for all. Mist alone does not alert unalerted enemies but firing an unsilenced weapon into the mist does. Faust holds Spurius, (see "Secret") its handle sticking out of a small void rift near Faust's left hip, throughout the channeling without being able to attack, parry, or change weapon until ending this skill, and pushes Spurius back into the void upon triggering the multishot phase. It is possible to move, Void Phase, and cast skills. There is no limit to the number of possible active vortexes at a time as long as Faust has the energy to support multiple draining it at the same time. Attacking into one vortex counts as attacking into all.

Blood Pact: Faust draws a bolline's blade across his palm, draining shields and applying a slash proc to himself which increases the party's crit, and status chance every bleed tick, and converts all drained shields into ability strength for the party. Crit and status chance gained in this way can stack for every slash proc taken, both from recasting the skill and receiving a slash proc from enemy attacks while under this skill. Kills under the effect of this skill heal the party for 1.25 × every slash proc present or 1.5× on headshots. Hold to deactivate this skill, ending all DoTs. Consumes energy once per cast.

Suffrigan: Faust creates an aura of menace around himself, driving all nearby enemies to attack him while increasing the confidence gained from dodging, Void Phasing, and manually parrying. The aura records damage but does not prevent anyone from receiving it. release to send an AoE similar to Nyx's Absorb which inflicts all recorded damage, including hits received. If undetected, this instead drives nearby enemies to melee attack each other at increased damage, having all enemies attack Faust on detection. Enemies within this aura gain an additional chance to drop an energy orb separate from what they already drop. Faust gains a speed boost while this skill is active. If Faust is bleeding, this skill has Faust leave a trail of corrupted blood on Void Dashing/rolling, spray it in an AoE on Void Phasing, or both on bullet jumping. This deals 300 corrosive and 300 magnetic damage to all enemies stepping on/sprayed by it, with 100% status chance for both damage types. Consumes energy continuously as the skill is channeled

Salvation: Faust cuts into the air using an athame, creating a tear in the void for a short time that freezes all enemies near the reticle and stops all incoming enemy attacks for a few seconds, both those already inside and those coming from outside. if aimed at an enemy, the enemy will be the center of the AoE instead. Slows down bosses and boss attacks. Upon wearing off or reactivating while aiming at it, all attacks and enemies stopped/slowed down this way gain friendly fire. Alerts enemies that look at it/survive, but is cast silently. Can have up to 4 active tears. Allies move, reload, cast, attack, and revive faster in a tear. Faust does not gain confidence from avoiding attacks while inside a tear, but gains confidence when casting one just as an attack is about to hit him. Consumes energy once per cast


Heads Will Roll: headshots taken 0.5/0.75/1 seconds after a dash/sidestep/backstep/Void Phase/bullet jump/roll/wall jump deal 50% more damage

Pact Familiar: hold E without moving in a room without enemies to summon a void crow that will be your new eyes and ears. The crow does not trigger alarms/traps (except for lasers), carry loot, or alert enemies, but it can unlock lockers, break loot cases, draw attention to itself from already alerted enemies, take Lua/Focus buffs for its master, hack into consoles (except for Spy Data consoles), and fly. Lasts for 10/13/16 seconds and dies after one hit. Prevents enemies from spawning in/entering the room the player is channeling this augment in. Press E again to dismiss. After dismissal, turn invisible for 10/13/16 seconds. 

Decisive Deliverance: Deliverance now spawns one spectral dagger per tick channeled for upon reactivating. Each dagger performs melee parries on all incoming ranged attacks (even from behind). Upon parrying, each dagger impales and staggers an enemy parried in this way, exploding into 100/200/300 corrosive-magnetic damage on the next hit

Eternal Pact: each Headshot performed under Blood Pact prolongs all present stacks by 2/3/4 seconds

Faith Militant: Suffrigan now converts 20%/30%/40% of incoming damage to all nearby party members into confidence for them for 7/10/13 seconds

Scathing Salvation: Reactivate Salvation while aiming at an already-spawned void tear to redirect all affected attacks away from it and convert affected enemies into allies for 5/7.5/10 seconds


Secret: unequip melee weapon to use Spurius, a sword sheathed in the void itself, which deals 2:1 Slash-Viral damage which also spreads a wide, Zakti-esque, Gas cloud upon performing slam attacks and ground finishers.

   Upon performing 3 successful finishers (including ground finishers), a dagger spawns, following the trajectory of the melee attacks, spawning another dagger every 5 hits and pushing further the longer the dagger/s has/have gone unshattered. These daggers automatically parry incoming visible ranged attacks, with a 50% chance to shatter 1 dagger every parry. Upon Faust taking damage, all daggers are shattered. Swapping to another weapon retains all spawned daggers, but this time they hurl themselves to wherever the weapon is fired at and respawn one-at-a-time, provided the user hasn't been hit.

  Each dagger deals 350 equal magnetic-corrosive damage with 100% status chance and spins around user when not being hurled or following melee attacks. These daggers keep the enemy stationary to where they were for the duration of each dagger hit, so if the user were to shoot at the enemy mid-air, the daggers would effectively juggle them every hit. These daggers form a "corkscrew" spin pattern around the user when bullet jumping, protecting from all ranged attacks without shattering and drag caught enemies in front of the user throughout the bullet jump

   All spawned daggers take the shape of bollines when holding a melee weapon and take the shape of athames when holding a primary or secondary

   > Spurius moveset

Spurius appears in a sheath made of void next to Faust's hip, Faust always sheathes it after a combo or after 1 second of not using

Standard E E E E E = one-handed upright to downleft slash, right leg steps forward -> one-handed upleft to downright slash, slightly more horizontal, left leg steps forward - > two-handed fully horizontal right to left slash, right leg forward -> two-handed fully horizontal left to right slash, left leg forward -> two-handed thrust from right side, right leg forward, swinging left into a raised position, the sword still staying in front of Faust then transitioning into two-handed horizontal right to left swing with knockback. Time the last E right and a pair of void tendrils punch into the closest enemy

E, pause, E = one-handed upright to downleft slash, right leg steps forward, transitions into quick one-handed downward 2-hit X flourish, Tap E again for quick horizontal left to right slash, hold E to draw enemies and bullets toward you, also charging a strong, circular, two-handed right to left horizontal slash. This slash opens a rip into the void, causing knockback + knockdown and throwing all drawn bullets in a 360° spray.

E, E, pause, E = one-handed upright to downleft slash, right leg steps forward -> one-handed upleft to downright slash, slightly more horizontal, left leg steps forward -> hold Spurius over right shoulder with both hands to signal end of pause -> horizontal right-to-left cleave, left leg steps forward, this summons a massive rip into the void, spilling void tendrils which send enemies flying

Hold E on ground = spin blade upward, launches enemy into air (Enemy Step in time to join enemy into air) or keeps them suspended in air. Tap E to have a void tendril spawn from the ground and push enemy farther up. Tap E again to knock back

Right Click + Hold E = Charge. Slice a rip into the void on release. Void tendrils pop out and punch into the direction of the reticle.  Press E again to send repeat up to 2 times

S + E on ground = short dash back, short dash forward, one-handed lower-left to upper-right slash. Causes invulnerability for the duration of the move

W + E on ground = quick, far lunge toward enemy being aimed at by reticle, blade first, spam E after to send plenty of quick, stationary stabs 

Hold W + E on ground = wind up, then a farther lunge toward reticle, this time slashing across all enemies in user's path, ends in an animation where Faust twirls the sword before sheathing it, causing all hit enemies to stagger

Hold W + E in mid air = lunge at whichever enemy the reticle is aiming at while spinning, this lunge damages but goes through the enemy

E 2x, pause, hold E in mid air, aiming reticle horizontally or upward = horizontal onehanded left to right slash, horizontal onehanded right to left slash, transitions into counterclockwise spin like a stationary form of Cleaving Wind's Broken Bull combo, draws in and suspends mid-air enemies within 3 meters but has Faust fall dizzy after 3 seconds of holding

E, pause, hold E mid-air, aiming reticle horizontally or upward = left to right slash -> Faust steps on a void tendril, tilts to right and starts spinning so that the sword hits the enemy downward, this suspends both Faust and the enemy mid-air but with Faust losing a little height

E, E, pause, E mid-air = horizontal onehanded left to right slash, horizontal onehanded right to left slash -> Faust steps on a void tendril, tilts to left and starts spinning so that the sword hits the enemy upward, this suspends both Faust and the enemy mid-air but with enemy being launched upward at the last hit and Faust falling afterward

Right Click + hold E mid-air: Charge. Slice a rip into the void, spawning void tendrils under the enemy the reticle aims at. These tendrils launch the enemy toward you.

Slam Attacks that hit an enemy mid-air drag the enemy down as well and deal bonus impact damage on landing based on height enemy was hit at

Rigth Click + E when pointing at a non-boss enemy within 10 meters that has less than 10% hp left: teleport behind them and perform a stealth kill

   > Stealth kills:

Humanoid: Faust stabs the enemy at the side of the neck, and then yanks Spurius out the back, beheading the enemy

Humanoid 2: Faust stands with back to enemy, unsheathing Spurius and twirling it to hold it in reverse, then stabs enemy at back with it, staggering them. Faust then pulls Spurius out, twirls it to hold it properly, then sheaths it. The enemy stands still until Spurius is sheathed, where they then fall into pieces

Short/lying enemy: Faust twirls Spurius to hold it in reverse and drives it down on enemy with both hands, a small rip in the void opens at the stab wound, pulling the organs into the void

Moa: Faust skewers the Moa from the bottom, then rips Spurius out through the back

Floating: Faust slashes a V into the air, open a rip in the void at both sides of the target. Void tendrils pop out and punch into target

Random: Faust quickdraws, slashes, and quickly sheathes Spurius


--------------Signature Weapons--------------

Incanto: crit-based Radiation-Cold beam-shotgun that summons 13 orbs of sentient energy per shot. The orbs hover around the user for half a second, each spawning a small stationary cloud that deals Radiation damage, before all suddenly flinging at the target with strong homing capability. Each orb, unmodded, will punch through an infinite number of enemies as long as they are blocking the way to the target, only stopping once they reach the enemy/area where the reticle was originally aimed at on firing. Hold alt fire to shoot a continuous branching beam at all enemies within 5 ft which punch-through and spawn one Radiation damage cloud at every enemy punched through

il Diavolo: Vomvalyst-themed crit-based high-recoil Radiation-IPS hitscan swing-cylinder revolver that raises an invulnerable up-to-3-second shield on holding right click. This shield auto recharges when right click is let go. Attacks hitting the shield charges up to 6 "void runes" based on damage taken. When shooting, send 1 free "void bullet" projectile with infinite punch-through per void rune charged (as burst, base bullet is still hitscan). Hold Left Click to charge "void energy" into the revolver, making the next hitscan bullet explosive. Reloading launches 6 void bullets from the front of the cylinder as it swings down. The user also wears a glove that allows them to summon bullets from the void and into the cylinder as a special reload animation. when Faust uses it, use Middle Mouse to have Faust use "hand void tendrils" to grab 5 of the bullets from the cylinder and then shove them into an enemy's face on pressing E. All 5 of these bullets explode when shot with the 6th bullet or when the enemy dies. When all other warframes use this revolver, they hold the revolver in the right hand and wear the glove on the left, the cylinder swinging down to the left. When Faust uses it, he holds the revolver in his left hand, wears the glove on the right, the cylinder still swinging down to the left, but with Faust crossing the revolver over to the right to reload.

-------------Character Design-------------

Faust is intended to be a mystical gunslinger-duelist, but with subtle edgelord tendencies. For this, my theoretical design (IF I COULD EVEN DRAW LOL) would draw inspiration from Limbo, Mesa, Revenant, Wisp and Frost. Faust would be a thin, tall male Warframe sporting a hat a hooded leather trench coat, cowboy boots, a pentacle necklace, the astrological sign of Pluto on the inner right forearm and an ankh on the back of the left hand..

Hat: resembles a fedora with a pinch-front teardrop-shaped crown, but the brim is narrow at the sides, angles down the front, and is slightly raised at the back similar to a trillby. the front of the brim is triangular in shape with the back forming an M with some ripped threads hanging. It has a hatband with the same pattern as a kuva braid. It has a trio of small Sentient parts attached to it, two in front shaped like small imp horns, and one at the back-right shaped like a feather.

Hooded leather trench coat: subtle swirly patterns all over, open in the front, has a chinese-style collar and biker-style lapels. Sleeves have wrist cuffs that sport punk spikes and open on the inner side, the left one slightly shorter with some ripped threads hanging. Shoulders have crow's head patterns. Bottom of coat slopes slightly down from front to back, sporting a subtle bird's wing pattern, the middle of the back opening in a V. coat has a single, thin, rectangular, center coattail underneath at the back that ends in a triangle.

Body: Thin and tall, covered in cracks that reveal scintillating void energies within, some roughly stapled together with sentient-looking parts

Head: Limbo's head, but both "coat lapels" peeled off, revealing scintillating void energies, similar to Revenant's default helmet, underneath. The center of the face is the centerpiece of Limbo's face, but now surrounded with the side patterns on the lower half of Revenant's Vania helmet. Sentient parts shape a rough, fragmented mask, vaguely resembling an abstract human skull

Cowboy boots: subtle swirly patterns all over, low-heeled, high v-cut tops, slightly pointy steel toes.

Edited by LordNecroxion
Balanced out Blood Pact, rephrased confusing sentences, added more DMC, Bayonetta, Nier:Automata, and DmC: DMC elements
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I like it a lot. Lore is cool but isn't it canon that there is only one of each warframe?

Abilities are cool aswell. I like deliverance a lot but it seems like something really hard to pull of even when allies know how it works. Duration is just so damn low.

Blood pact - overpowered as heck. There is a reason why there are so little life steal abilities in game and life steal mod is channeled. This will never be in game brother, just remove life steal all together from it. Also its augument is super strong.

I like that special melee he has and that he actually uses it to cast abilities (hexblade, huh?) and its sheethed in the void itself, really cool design! Both passives are super cool aswell, aditional move patterns are explained in lore and are actually super useful. Confidence bar - i want this so badly in game :D.

Other abilities are just ok, not bad. Would really like to try this concept in game. Especially the dashes.

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