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Archwing Blink QoL suggestion


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Hey everyone, so I was watching the devstream and I had an idea.

I was thinking about Archwing blink and what I thought could make it better, then I remembered this reticle that shows the blink cooldown.



I think it would be cool if different range blinks could be implemented. For instance, there are different wedges on this reticle to show it cooling down. Perhaps blink could be used at one tick of cooldown with a drastically shorter range for more control, as opposed to the longer cooldown longer-range jump to clear greater distances.

And that's it, I think this might make archwing a little more fluid and enjoyable.

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I have a suggestion too.

If you ever played Witcher 3: the wild hunt, remember when playing as Ciri you could do something similar to blink. She had a blue energy bar that automatically filled. Pressing dodge would warp her in the direction you were aiming. Holding dodge would increase the distance warped. She also had an ability where you could warp directly to nearby enemies and meele them, consuming some energy per warp.

I think something like that can be added in warframe as well. Holding down ctrl and E should blink archwing to nearest enemy and attack them using archmeele.

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