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Odd sound in orbiter before crash?


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So I started hearing this weird beeping in my orbiter. At first, I thought it was another standard interface screw, like the alien language hacking the loading screens, or the occasional visit from the Man in the Wall. Went looking for the 'punchline' and realized the beeping is loudest at my Railjack teleport pad, but when I actually go through, it stops. Then I go back into the orbiter and it starts up again. Normally, I'd file this as an audio bug.

Then I tried to go to my dojo for archwing parts. The game froze mid-loading screen and wouldn't let me alt-tab out. When I tried, the footage on Warframe changed from the loading screen, to the options menu, with my frame (Wisp) sitting off to the side (all her fashion intact, not reduced to default).

I had to force-shutdown my PC, and now WF's downloading a 21gb 'update' which I suspect is the whole game.

(PS: Before the beeping began, I had another glitch where going afk long enough for my screensaver to start changed my resolution from fullscreen 1920x1080, to windowed...I believe 1080x720. So I spent a lot of time in that option screen lately, fixing my resolution. I wonder if that's why that's the screen it picked when it crashed, and I wonder if leaving my game alone long enough for the resolution to change is what started all this.)

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