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Didn't receive Kuva weapon + dupe protection system failed


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I just killed a Lich that had a Kuva Chakkhurr with 25% radiation bonus.

Upon extraction, when the mission results screen appeared, I got an error message of "Updating Account Info" with a 20~30sec timer that disappeared shortly after.

After that, I went straight to Cassini in Jupiter Saturn to generate another Lich, and for some reason this Lich also had a Kuva Chakkhurr, but with 29% radiation bonus.

Upon checking my arsenal, I can't find the weapon from the previous Lich (I DID Vanquish it).

I don't care about the weapons, but, yeah, there's an issue...

Nervermind. Dumb me mistook a Kuva Ayanga for Kuva Chakkhurr.

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