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Seven Principles tests

(XBOX)Voltren Xytech

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so, as ive learned the orokin had the tenno complete these challenges to test their warframes abilities...

so why in the everloving hell can you not pass them with every warframe, the warframes would have been scrapped if they could pass them

you shouldn't have to hyper micromanage everything when you go to lua, you should be able to complete it with just about anyone, but no... i go to do part 2 of 6 for the railjack pieces and what do i find in my way, the last of the seven tests in my path, the speed test, ive completed it before, but i had to make a convoluted speed build on a titania and spend a week and a half hunting for the room to get it... but no it just pops up when im running my usual inaros point frame, so i have a running speed of 1.25 but thats not enough for the ice room

6-7 seconds to get through a room without touching the floor, going EXACTLY down the middle, even a slight deviation and you hit one of the 15 pillars, and most times it doesn't just stop you, your character will try and slowly climb it

but i hear you say "there are plenty of videos that show people completing pretty easy" well so have i, but quite a few of them are outdated or just flat out fake, my favorite is where the guy actually fails the ice room, but still proceeds to shoot the end button AND IT TRIGGERS, which is a big red flag that its a faked video

i guess i have to give up again, being forced to go out and buy that mod for a friend, this is the 8th time since i came back to playing this game in early NOVEMBER that ive been fully forced to buy something  because either the difficulty got cranked up or RNG was so broken that i couldn't get something to drop after 2000 tries, i use to use this game as a place to relax and now its punishing me for exactly that

cant relieve any of my stress or angry so now its making me physically sick, wonderful

#*!% IT, i aborted the mission, after 85 tries there was no chance at completing it, but hey atleast someone's profiting from my absolute misery again

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