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Just some advice or tips for people dealing with losing loot...


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So for the first time I lost over an hour of loot in an arbitration because some casuals died and left instead of waiting for a raise (next time be prepared or dont come in). 

I wanted to help others avoid my pain or at least be prepared for this next inevitable encounter.

I got in contact with support and even though they essentially said they cant always recover items, theres information we can provide that would help them:

"Please note that we can only process requests under the following circumstances:

A completed multi player mission/event that required a key or consumeable resource to enter.

A Void Relic was consumed on a successful multiplayer mission without reward.

A completed multiplayer Alert/Event that is no longer available.

A successful multiplayer Teralyst victory on the Plains of Eidolon

You provide All of the required information below.

You provide the required information in TEXT FORM (for expediency screenshots and videos cannot be accepted)."


"In order for us to be able to investigate your account, please provide the following information:

What are the Names of the other Players that received the item?

What One Item do you want restored?

When (date & time + your time zone) did you finish the mission?

Where (Node / Derelict / alert) did you play the mission / which Void Relic did you use?

With this information we hope to create a reference, so please be as specific but brief as possible."


So before you run something and dont trust the people you're running with, get the time and name of the node and mission and your teammates names to ensure fulfilling a claim. No promises but at least it'll help.

Happy Holidays all.

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