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Railjack best avionics


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Hi, this is the list of all avionics from the Wiki, and i chose the best house for them ( for a MAXED grid) depending on efficiency ( Boost percentage per drain), here they are : 

Example : avionic-MostEfficientHouseDrainAndBonusWise

Ablative shell - Zetki
Anode cell- Vidar . If space zetki
Bulkhead - Zetki
Conic nozzle - lavan
Forward artillery - zetki
Heat sink - Vidar
Hull weave-vidar
Hyperstrike -lavan (If space Zetki)
Ion burn-zetki
Last stand- lavan (others if space)
Maxima- vidar
Phasic Weave- Lavan (others if space)
Polar coil- Vidar (others if space)
Predator- Lavan (others if space)
Ripload- Vidar (others if space)
Section density- Lavan (others if space)
Thermatic- Lavan (others if space) 
Warhead- Lavan (Others if space)
Winged cyclone- Vidar
Winged force- Vidar (zetki if space)
Winged steel- Zetki
Winged storm- Vidar


If something is wrong i can edit, though i doubt it.

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You should include in the title that this is about cost:gain ratios to not be misleading. An efficient ratio isn't "the best," and might not even be that good without taking in consideration the raw maximum increase (is it enough to have a +100% at awesome ratio instead of a costlier +500%, for example?).

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Zetki isn't always the highest version.  The other houses specialized in some things, and their versions are better.

Avionics have the sigma version stock versions (no symbols around the icon), and then the three houses versions with 1, 4 or 7 upgrade levels.

The zetki version is often the 7 upgrade slot version on many of them, but not all of them   Like phasic weave zetki is only 4 upgrade slots, and the vidar is 7 upgrade slots.  One of the lavan house speed mods is the 7 slot version, If I remember right.


Also, some of the more powerful versions have shorter ranged, like on the "winged" avionics.   The ones that give higher bonuses often have ranges of 60, when the "weaker" ones have a range of 100.Just more tradeoffs.  Since three of the "winged" avionics also affect the railjack itself, I would probably use the shorter range one, just for the higher bonus to the railjack.

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