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I've lost so many resources and avionics to bugs.


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There's no point in even playing railjack at this point.  I've lost battle avioncs, ship parts and thousands of resources because of auto-fail bugs like hull breaches not being sealable, or having to abort because even after searching the far reaches of the map, enemies we're required to kill simply don't spawn.  That's my time you're wasting.  Those are the rewards I've earned that I'm not getting and I know that even suggesting compensation for players due to how buggy this is would get the white knights out about "free game" blah blah blah.  I feel like there's a good bit of stuff you flat out owe me because I've lost it due to bugs.

I know for me, and for a LOT of people the good will you used to have is getting rapidly eroded by the last two updates you dumped out and left.  I'd have rather not had this until it was actually playable, because no, mission ending bugs once every 3ish matches is NOT playable.  I've played alphas more stable than this.

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