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Avionics is in need of streamlining


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The avionics overview for scrapping needs to be expaned to be more in line with the mod system, as it is now youre running a too high risk to accidentaly scrap your equipped stuff because you mistook it for something else. The "family" system is not adding anything beneficial to it either as you have now several different mods of the same name with different stats you can upgrade on top of it.

Verdict: Avionics is a trainwreck and needs another streamline pass.

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First and foremost, Scrap menu is in desperate need of upgrade. Here it is compared to Upgrade/Install menu: avionics.jpg

There is no information about max possible rank nor manufacturer House. In Upgrade/Install menu there is also a subtle distinguish in icon colour for some Avionics that is lacking in Scrap menu. That being said, Avionics could use colour-coding for different Houses.
Installed Avionics should be hidden in Scrap menu or at least marked properly.

Personally I have nothing against House system, it adds a bit flavour.


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