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  1. All things considered I would not wonder when you have to reach lvl 27, then have to reset to reach level 28, and so on.
  2. The haztech mask operator helmet still blocks face accessoire cosmetics (mouth masks & diadems) when opened, but the umbra hooded scarf displays them when opened.
  3. Heres to the design office for cranking out frame after frame and making them look good. However, no beer for you because many frames dont play well with many attachments. Am I really supposed to put a pauldron on my frames build-in pauldrons? What about the unremovable cloaks and mantles? Some stuff just doesnt work together and it's a crying shame you cant simply replace the standard equipment except for a few rare occurances like khora. Don't get me started on the lightmaps for reflective metal textures *nightmares abound*
  4. I would want to save her if she retains some of the new estetic. that split face with exposed cyber tech is hot.
  5. The biggest reason holding me back from formaing stuff is having to puzzle the loadout back together, especialy when im not in the mood to finish ranking the equipment back up to 30. euphemisticaly calling that the reason formas are looking like puzzle pieces is bad.
  6. It's cool the loadout screen is so fancy now, but it doesnt allow quickswitching between mod configs for different situations so we still need to walk back to the arsenal to switch or use additional configs. Plus, I'd prefer a list view over the grid view, as grid views are too busy for me even if they allow more entries on one screen.
  7. @[DE]Marcus Hey, just a quick pointer, you cant complete the help clem challenge if you already did that before the nightwave updated...
  8. People do not like having to excert more effort than neccesary. If you break itzal's speed, people will still use it over k-drives if you like it or not. K-drives are stillborn.
  9. please add your GMT/UTC deviation to the timezone, i.e. 7:00pm ET (-5UTC).
  10. just log in to your twitch account on phone or something else you can hide and let it run with a covered screen while the warframe channel is open. my computer is in another room.
  11. Its hard to find out what ET means. All I know is its Extra Terestric. I dont care if it means "Eastern time", it should be standard to post GMT / UTC deviation (i.e. -5 for new york) instead of quasi arbitary short hands. I'm this salty because some devs I have tried to follow before used time zone shorthands that stood for 6 different time zones - impossible to figure out.
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