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  1. I know some epherma do that, but those add additional mad clutter like roiling infestation dropping of the player like theyre barfing and blowing their guts out their backside,
  2. im inclined to think thats GFX left over from the previous iteration of the navigation console
  3. * Equip Spinerette * Change frame to one with another epherma equipped * Both display (probably until map change, havent tested that yet)
  4. Honestly, I might actualy try to get to maximum prestige if i could trade for something I actualy am lacking that easily.
  5. parkours system really coud use some work. the wall hopping makes me nauseous and the ledge climbing animations are too slow.
  6. Whats the point really. If you dont want us to use wings at all, remove them entirely and give us better mobility through the board.
  7. fully agree to all points made. these lovecraftian face huggers are anything but a fun oponent. its not even about challenging, theyre just... annoying... little... sh..oggoths. at least reduce their health to a point where they become none issues entirely.
  8. the overal design of the prime ivara details is very nice, but the skirt and veil things are absolutely horrifying and actualy hurt the eyes. give them a standalone color channel to play with and everyone can be happy.
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