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Abating link vs space heavy gunner (officer) bugged?

(XBOX)Rylor Threev


So I main trinity (yes we exist) and when I play solo I use my abating link build, and just melee everything in my way, if you don't know how abating link works, it reduces the armor of enemies that are linked to you (3rd ability) after a certain amount of strength% the armor reduction is 100% against any enemy no matter how much armor they have, but, the new enemy usually found inside crewships and stations, the space heavy gunner aka officer something (name changes depending of the region) isn't affected by this ability.

Does anyone know if this is intended, if it's a bug or something, any other trinity main (ha! You're joking right?) notice this?

Video here

Well rip, guess I'll need to bring some corrosive to rj missions

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