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To be emotional (mainly sympathy)

Ehh, I guess sometimes DE needs somebody to acknowledge their works, and whatever opinions you might have about it they aught to at least add in the small praise "It's pretty nice" or some equivalent. I feel OP that you are in the same boat as me -you distain the seeming hostility/toxicity that the forums made when empyrean came out- you wish to counterbalance that with.

Some positivity.

I certainly feel it's sorely needed when we feel that there are hoards of people with opinions who wish to express without reservations, when the phrase "social media" begins to attain connotations reserved for cigarettes, when the domain we communicate is so suseptable to "psywar". But to be ever more simplistic.

Thank you for promoting some positivity here.

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I wanted to have the 1st post here since I don't want it to be taken by someone with an impulse, less the will to refine it.
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