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Lets talk about the Infinite healing bug that keeps coming up for Empyrean!


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Playing Empyrean solo, has been an absolute pleasure and nightmare.

  • Harder to farm
  • No one to help repair
  • Takes a bit longer

Playing With Friends/Matchmaking, Has also been rather fun! But I've run into this bug that makes Killing the enemies almost impossible, unless you're with 4 friends and are all focusing the Same enemy.



There's a bug, (even IF you kill the AOE healing sphere that the Crew ship shoots) It'll continue to heal the ships even though is STATES in the game ( fighters must be inside of the Sphere to receive healing.) This feels extremely, unfair and annoying to find; this is also not uncommon at ALL. (I've done 4 missions in a row and it still happens.) It's gotten to the point where I encounter this bug and I just quit out of the mission otherwise I will be there for a LONG time trying to drag these fighters out of this "healing" zone that ISN'T there.


This NEEDS to be fixed, for the health of the game mode/ sanity of its players.

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