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Please allow polarizing locked exilus slots


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Pretty much all of the kuva weapons beg you to polarize the exilus slot, because you need to put 5 forma on them and the exilus polarity is NEVER right. but I always ether, have to put the polarity elsewhere and just deal with the exilus being wrong forever, or buy an exilus adapter for 20 plat because #*!% farming for that S#&$ from relics and i Still need stuff from syndicates. as well as not wanting to waste a day of my affinity booster wailing for that BS crafting time. It would just be such a big QOL change to make the exilus slot polarizable weather or not it's actually unlocked.

Or ideally just remove exilus adapters entirely and have the exilus slot always unlocked because, with the exception of the kuva weapons which you have to forma 5 times on top of having 20 extra mod capacity, you need to forma pretty much any other weapon 2-3 extra times to fit the nearly useless weapon exilus mods on there anyways

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