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  1. Would be nice if they gave that consideration to people in literally any other aspect of the game. coughnightwavecough
  2. I will never not genuinely despise to forma act for as ling as it exists. but this is at least a better implementation of it. the BIG problem with it is some people just don't have anything they want to forma anymore. so its just a huge waste of resources. the atayan one I agree with 100% as long as it only asks you to fill a number of atayans less than or equal to (preferably less than) the number of weeks the nightwave runs. I never did have a big problem with the atayan one. It's not such a big hassle to just save them up if you're doing the weekly and run into the occasional one during a mission. I barely play random missions and I still run into a decent amount of them in the wild, and my luck is horrendous.
  3. You postpone baro for a week for everyone that didn't throw money at you for the ptw tennocon barro and what do you use that extra time for? A kavat bust decoration? Coulda been a new armor set, or a new weapon, but no. Just a kavat bust. Thanks DE. at least you brought the dual electrical mods back for those that really need them, and the pova vandal which hasn't shown up in a long ass time. But you reeeeeeally skimped on the new stuff for forcing all your non-whales to wait an extra week on him for absolutely no reason.
  4. Which bundles specifically? I mentioned rhino and nyx, but also everything that hasn't been unvaulted for 2 years. Tho ether way, weather or not I have any of the primes I mentioned is irrelevant. I rarely use rhino, and I almost never use nyx, and if I didn't have the primes of ether than I would just use their non primed variants in the event that I needed to use those frames for something until I eventually did get them, since its really not that big of a difference. The same goes for any other frame in the game. Being confident that eventually I will see them pop up within a reasonable amount of time. Or at least have a general idea of when based on the release order, frequency, and current unvaulting they're on. As it is it's more like rolling weighted dice. I dunno if I can expect them to release primes I'm missing soon, or if they're gonna stay vaulted for another 2 years and I should start farming platinum now before the market prices get unreachable.
  5. I'm seeing this train of logic a lot and I just don't agree with it at all. Its more detrimental to new players in the long run to continually unvault the same frames over and over again than it is to cycle through them all in a predictable pattern. New players don't need rhino prime, and they certainly don't need nyx prime. By keeping certain frames vaulted for years at a time while releasing others so unreasonably often it massively inflates the price of the former to unreasonable levels. New players will get the ones that are unvaulted constantly and NEVER see the other ones, while only players who were around when they weren't vaulted, or players who pay close attention to the rare events in which one of them is given out for free for a very limited time, like needing to be present for 30 minutes of an hour stream that occurs once a year and likely wont line up with your schedule if you have a job. tho carrier and dual kamas have been vaulted for 2 years and been given no such method of obtainment. Its sustainably benneficial for every type of player if they unvaulted every prime on a predictable loop. It's only temporarily beneficial to new players (and in no way more beneficial to them than the alternative) if they only ever release the same 3 unvaultings over and over again. It's madness. Or better yet remove the vault entirely, organize their relics so there isn't duplicate parts all over the place so they can sink the relic count as low as possible (did the math a while ago and was able to get it down to roughly 40 relics but its probably closer to 60 now), and just deal with the loot dilution. I'd prefer there were twice as many relics, making individual relics twice as rare, than having 70% of the primes unavailable (and that is a rounded down estimate) for years at a time and for that number to rise indefinitely. But they make too much money off of it so they're obviously never going to do that.
  6. just because some players weren't around a year ago for the last time these two were unvaulted dosen't make it okay for DE to unvault them AGAIN in lew of frames that have been in the vault for 2 years
  7. The entire pet system needs a rework. not just kubros. (this includes kavats and moas) the AI for all of them is just pure garbage, and they have next to no survivability whatsoever. on top of their abysmal stats that have absolutely no damage avoidance system, often times just standing in poison gas, or in the path of an eidolan beam until they die. even a simple "detect damage, move untill damage isn't begin taken" command would go a long way in these things not dropping dead every 10 seconds. the way they use abilities is annoying, having more than one ability equipped should not reduce the frequency at which any of them are cast they could also use a big cosmetic overhaul. being able to use normal color pallates instead of the extremely limited dna mask colors on pets since the current system doesn't even remotely prevent garish color combinations which is literally the only reason to limit color options like this, the ability to equip armors on moonless katat and drahk kubro skins, and a complete retexture of the moas so the materials between "non-matching" parts are cohesive
  8. DE, if you're not going to be adding trial back soon, like within the next year. please consider reintroducing the emblems in some way, or if you're dead set on keeping those exclusively rewards for the removed trials, PLEASE add in more 3d emblems. I'm so sick of all these uncolorable, low effort 2d emblems you guys keep putting out. People rarely care to use any of them and when they do its usually because the Ki'teer emblem just doesn't look good on whatever they're putting emblems on, its a cutom clan emblem, there's some pride or emotional attachment to a specific emblem, it makes sense thematically, or they just flat out don't have anything else. Sounds like a lot of good reasons except none of those amount to "it actually looks good". Its frustrating that the best looking emblems in the game are unobtainable, not because they were a founder or prime acess exclusive (tho that would still be incredibly annoying, please do not ever put an emblem in prime acess), but because they were part of a system that, tho it was originally intended to stay in the game indefinately, ended up being removed because the devs were too lazy to fix it.
  9. my reasoning was the frame statues the relays are themed around. hydroid drops on earth, and ember drops on saturn
  10. This should've been the earth relay, and the ember relay should've been on saturn. would just make more sense. Hope once all the relays are eventually changed to this new themed format they eventually swap them around so they fit with the planet they're on
  11. Yes and I'm absolutely disgusted at DE for it
  12. DE seriously stop doing this. Put the unvaultings on a cycle instead of arbitrarily unvaulting them loosely based on popularity or recent reworks or cosmetics. I'v been playing this game for 2 years and I've seen these two unvaulted multiple times but there are several other primes that were vaulted before I started playing that haven't gotten one unvault yet. The last unvaulting was also a repeat of frames I'v seen unvaulted before too, even the one before that if I'm not mistaken. 3 repeats in a row? like wtf are you guys thinking? EVERY PRIME SHOULD GET AN UNVAULT BEFORE WE START SEEING REPEATS. Unless it lines up with a frame that was only recently vaulted,within like 6 months.
  13. They stated it could take as long as a week for everyone who watched to get their drops. It hasn't been a week yet. Be patient, and contact support if the week has passed and you still don't have it. this happened with ash prime last time too. The influx of players during tennocon is a lot for the servers to handle, delays and skipped players are expected when servers get overloaded like that. Do keep in mind that a while ago twitch altered the way drops work. You once were able to simply mute the stream, tab out, and do something else but still get the drop. But twitch made a change where if you did that you became "inactive" and it didn't count. If you did this you may be ineligible for the drops.
  14. Yeah I just watched that part of the stream after I posted that. Second Excalibur deluxe coming too, which looks so good I'm not even mad. Not a fan of that Ivara deluxe tho. The helmet looks more like khora and it kindof throws our her stealth hunter theme entirely for more of an armored warrior look, except it keeps the arrow quiver on her left arm. Also a bit of equinox with the color split down the middle. Doesn't match her at all. I'd put it on the same level as octavia's. At least Octavia's deluxe stuck with the music theme. Unlike Octavia's tho it looks quite good. But it just feels nothing like the same frame.
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