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  1. Litch banishment is still very much needed or at the very least make it so abandoning or failing a mission you've killed a larva in wont create a litch. or add a secondary "are you sure" confirmation that displays what the larva has. you quickly develop a mucle memory of instantly hitting the mercy button as soon as you kill a thrall in the repetitive murmur grind and I've gone into mental auto pilot and insta mercyd a larva before I saw what it had 3 times in the last 2 days Being able to see what the larva has is a huge step in improving the litch system, a MASSIVE step. but there needs to be some layer of protection against miss clicks on them for it to be foolproof. I just accidentally spawned a litch with tonkor which I already had and so far has been my least favorite kuva weapon. and I'm not happy about needing to waste hours of my life, and requiem charges on getting rid of them so I can get one I actually want. especially when I was farming litches trying to make the most of the affinity booster time I got from baro. It's a massive setback.
  2. It's not even that good of a mod anymore, you guys jut wanna give the completionists a huge grind for no reason. Its not even a good mod and it literally only works on vectis or vectis prime with it's bandaid mod. there's several mods better you could use in it's place. In terms of actual effect on gameplay it's pretty worthless. hardly worth 3000 ds many people who want this mod will physically not be able to farm that many duckats in time. players that want the mod are pissed because of the massive time limited grind, some players that have the mod already are pissed you released it behind a grind and not a serious challenge Once again you managed to piss off two opposing groups of players by trying to cater to both of them at once.
  3. If it's just that my hardware is slow I'd prefer to stay in the loading screen a bit longer and get dropped on top of the host than to be placed in an unskippable cut-scene that leaves me leagues behind my team. The cut-scene itself probably adds to the loading time and once the game decides you can't skip it you have to wait the whole thing out every time. I doubt the game loads the terrain so consistently to the exact length of that cut-scene every time it prevents you from skipping it, and when you can't skip the boss cut-scene that's definitely not a loading buffer so I have to assume it's more frequently a bug with the ability to skip scenes than it is a loading issue. That bug's been in the game since the option to skip scenes existed so if DE hasn't fixed it yet they ether can't or just won't. But even if the skip worked perfectly every time, the option to disable the cut-scenes entirely would still be a massive time saver and prolong the life of some of our buttons just from the shear amount of times the game shows them.
  4. Particularly the cut-scenes that play whenever you enter a mission, relay, open world town, ext. and minor boss cut-scenes. Yes I know "you can spam a button to skip them" except a lot of the time you actually can't. Quite frequently the game bugs out and prevents you from doing this, and it's just one more button spam that'll wear out the lifespan of whatever you're using. It's aggravating to sit there spamming the "skip cut-scene" button to no avail while your entire party blows through half the mission, or beats the boss before you can even move because they're way longer than they need to be. The amount of times you see these pointless cut-scenes is just a massive time waste and slows down the game. I'v seen a few really old posts asking for this change but none of them really addressed the issue with the frequent bug of the skip cutscene option simply not working at all, and that existing was pretty much all of the arguments on why this option shouldn't be added. When it happens it gives other players a massive headstart, leaving you nothing to do and making the mission boring for you, and is one more reason to play solo whenever possible.
  5. this is a big problem I have too. CY seems to priorities screaming at you to repair minor issues, and doesn't put nearly as much importance on catastrophic failures and boarding parties. cy shouldn't even need to inform you about minor damage after the first time, they're marked on the map, you can see them plain as day, maybe consolidate all his warnings into one "please repair the ship" message so he doesnt go through 3 different sets of diloge before telling your ship's about to explose 10 seconds before it happens. You know what you cant tell at a glance to you map? if there are enemies present. the railjack should have ship wide enemy sense, and cy should have repeat warning messages about them. He needs to shut up about the minor damages that are barely even worth the revolite to repair 90% of the time.
  6. This really is stupid if you even take a moment to think about the numbers at all there are 5 guns, 3 houses, and 2 gun slots. If you want a buffer for large mets shifts due to nerfs, buffs' or any other change, you'll want to keeyou your highest rolls for one of each gun of each school for each slot. which works out to exactly 30 wreckage. for just the guns. Already maxed out the capacity on a pretty logical and basic thing to do component blueprints are way more complicated as they have multiple random stats independent of each other, and with different passives. Just 3 schools and 3 components, but every single one of them is already over the wreckage capacity of the guns, plus you might wanna keep some of the side grades. AND THEN de has gone and said that wreckage will eventually be treated like the new litch weapon system. Being able to fuse similar components over time to increase stats working towards the best possible version. Meaning you're now also incentivized to hold onto the rarer drops. It should be AT LEAST 100
  7. I'm convinced you guys are deliberately trying to kill your game at this point
  8. What happened to taking into consideration how long something's been vaulted for, and player feed back into the unvaultings? THIS SHOULD HAVE HAD TRINITY INSTEAD OF OBERON.
  9. The grind for shedu and the anomaly shards in these things Is already ridiculous If you'd assume they were always available. People hated the 1 hour wait on the eidolans, even you guys have been shown to get frustrated when that doesn't align with your schedules. Some people don't have 2 hours to wait. You guys should remove the 2 hour (and 15 minute ish) inactivity period on anomalies all together, and just have it shift location every 30 minutes. It's just a pain and we all know the only reason you put it there is to prolong the grind unnecessarily.
  10. They basically already do the bounty thing of giving you multiple chances at rewards, each mission clear gives you 3 rewards from the pool. They've already fixed a large amount and they've said they're gonna make it a lot better by allowing you to merge wreckage together in the same way litch weapons are gonna work in the next update. Crewships also drop wreckage They could just lower the drop rate of relics to improve the drops of the mission reward wreckage instead of removing them entirely. They've already done this once, but everyone knows when they put relics as drops in mission nodes like this the soul reason is as an excuse to dilute the loot pool more. Same as having endo as a common drop from mission rewards when they could just remove it entirely and increase the amount enemies drops to compensate. But they still, always, add endo (or dirac in railjack's case) into the loot pool of every single new mission type they release just to make it that extra bit more grindy. They do it on purpose to push the drop rates of the things player actually want as low as bearably possible. DE keeps pushing the envelope of how grindy the game is because they want to squeeze as much playtime out of players as they can with as little effort as possible so their numbers look good to investors. They only reduce the grind when their numbers start to drop because players get fed up with their bs, or when the devs themselves get pissed at how grindy their own game is on the rare occasion they actually play it, (case: when they were incapable of completing a stealth nightwave challenge on stream after they changed the failure condition to alerting any enemy instead of triggering the alarm and then reverted it the next day). Which has happened and they're already working to backpedal the railjack grind way more than I even expected them to, to try and gain back some pittance of reputation with the huge amount of players they pissed off. TLDR: Asking DE to lessen the grind by removing redundant rewards that they put there deliberately to make things grinder is an exercise in futility. But they are already reluctantly working to make it better.
  11. Played a mission through with the anomaly present and by the time me and my squad got into it there we no enemies. Mission had to be aborted as it couldn't be complete, 30 minutes wasted, anomaly gone for another 2 hours. If you're going to put a ridiculous 2 hour wait on something this important, which was a massive $&*^ move btw the 1 hour wait on eidolans was already unbearable, make sure it doesn't have an unavoidable bug that renders it Incompleteable and forces you to wait another two hours to try again. consider removing the wait entirely and just have it move to a new node ever 30 minutes cus this is bs.
  12. I would've loved a system where you dismantled duplicate litch weapons into tokens based on it's damage% and element, and you could ether craft them into an ephemera or use them to increase the damage of a weapon with the corresponding element
  13. The damage types aren't rng, you can pick them based on what warframe you kill the larva with. The available damages were picked to avoid making the litch weapons overpowered as much as possible. Having viral, corrosive, gas, or slash added as options would be unbelievably powerful. The current element options are good cus they make you think a bit harder about what you want to work with. If anything impact and magetic should just be removed as options because of just how worthless they are and essentially being traps for players that don't know about how it works, and radiation might be a bit too powerful to leave in. I don't think any physical damage or dual element damage should've ever been included, just the 4 base elements. Especially since in most cases you can come up with a decent build with any one of those. Cold can get you a viral build, electric can got to corrosive or radiation, toxin to any of it's dual stats, and heat is good by itself or in radiation or gas. That way none of the elements are completely useless traps, even if they're sub optimal for the weapon you get them on. But elements can't really be removed at this point or they risk some serious shenanigans.
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