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  1. I have literally all but one slot on hysteria polarized and can't fit the build I want on it. and that last slot is for an umbra mod. yeah, it's a problem. "They don't have access to some of the higher capacity mods" Is not an excuse for this. In fact pretty much the ONLY mod this actually applies to is blood rush. A whopping... 2 capacity higher than the majority of mods at capacity 9 in a correctly polarized slot that you might put in it's place. Not even close to making up for the amount of capacity gained from stance mods. and "Exalted weapons are more powerful in general" Is just
  2. Animation lock is for games that have gameplay centered around blocking, dodging, and taking advantage of openings. like monster hunter, soulslikes, and fighting games. Warframe is about the farthest thing from that you can get without being a game with no fighting in it at all. It really does need a lot less of this. Most of these attacks that lock your movement just break the flow of the game and take control away from the player for no real damage benefit over non restrictive animations, and not only no gameplay benefit, but an outright hindrance. Absolutely pointless inconvenience. I
  3. Thread nekro real hard (usually threads this old are archived by now). Now we have 2 things already sort of in this direction. Dual energy colors (I wouldn't classify this as good enough but it fits what at least one person in the thread suggested), and a gun (Cedo) that actually has rainbow energy in the form of every time it's secondary fire detonates it's color changes. It only has 4 colors but it really is pretty and not horribly distracting. I'd like it to work similarly to how most rainbow rgb stuff works, just a full spectrum moving gradient. It would look really nice. The main
  4. Just got nautilus and pretty much immediately went to the forums to see if anyone else thought this was stupid enough to comment on it. yeah.... what?
  5. It shouldn't be a priority, yes. But it never should've been a problem in the first place. Anyone could've told them having a cosmetic that looks so drastically different depending on the sex it's applied to is a terrible idea. It seemed like they understood that up until this one. The choice wasn't between this and nothing, it was between this, and those work hours going towards anything else. The sex difference didn't need to be a thing, they could've made an entirely different set of cosmetics, or done literally anything else with their time. I guarantee if they just made the female
  6. I don't know how anyone would ever be expected to keep these things alive with any frame other than limbo. They pretty much get one shot the instant they get converted unless enemies are physically incapable of hitting it at all. Its exactly the same problem excavation had before it was fixed. It's not just difficult, it's outright unfair. Even 10x the kuva output would barely be worth dealing with it in its current state.
  7. This applies to literally everything in the game that has color options. DE for some reason, after people complaining every single time they do it since the release of the game, can't figure out to put the metalics on the same channel for everything. This is particularly annoying with warframe and sentinel attachments as well. not to mention materials just taking colors differently (there is an entire opperator suit that you just can't color match to anything else because literally every channel is wrong), multi-material channels (the interior of the orbiter is like this because DE hates us
  8. Old thread but this should really be a thing. The inability to recast it is also extremely frustrating if you want to use it's enemy slow. the fact that you can't recast, with or without eternal war, makes that function of the ability really difficult to make use of. ALL duration abilities should be recastable imo. as well as things like iron skin. I'd rather waste energy recasting abilities unnecessarily than have my eyes trained on the lower right corner of the screen watching timers 50% of the time, or dying constantly because I wasn't paying attention to my ability timers. But war
  9. After figuring that out I went and reported it in the corpus railjack feedback megathred but I shoulda made it a whole separate post like this. Glad someone else did though.
  10. Regular deadzone does that. I've used it to fix stick drift on my old S#&$ty controllers too There are regular dead zone settings in here too and I do appreciate deadzone settings for that reason (this is actually an option through steam's controller config I've done before but it's a bit fiddley.) This setting is basically just direction snapping.
  11. I didn't think this would help but checking it I found what the problem was somewhere else there's a new setting called axial deadzone. I dont recall ever touching any deadzone settings but somehow this got set to max
  12. If it was an issue with my controller, software, or steam configuration, it would be exhibiting this behavior in other games when I import the exact configuration I'm using in warframe to them. Which isn't happening. I have full range of motion in every game I have installed but warframe, and disabling steam controller support entirely doesn't fix the issue. I also ran integrity check on warframe both through steam and the warframe launcher. I'm almost positive it's an issue with warframe itself. The configuration I'm using should be the equivalent of steam's default configuration, but ther
  13. Tried that, didn't work. The post I made in bug reports covers what I have and haven't tried in more detail.
  14. I'm using an xbox controller I meant steam's controller configuration menu. which you would use for literally any controller if you wanted to mess with controller mapping on steam. I see how that was a little confusing
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