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  1. If you have weapons that are end game viable then just kill the thing. Mesa shreds them but is difficult to keep alive, valkyr can pick away at their health in complete safety, or just grab any particularly tanky frame and deal with them with weapons. There are a few weapons in the game that can nearly one shot them if they're built well. And farming requiems is just like farming any other relic. Once you do a few litches you quickly hit a point where you never need to farm for the relics again because the thralls drop them. Of all the bullS#&$ the devs of this game throw at their players the litches are pretty low on the list of reasons to ragequit imo. Once you've got the relics and know how to deal with them efficiently it's not too hard to take them out in 2-3 days. 1 day even if you really have a lot of time on your hands. It's one of those things that looks really daunting on the surface but once you get into it it's not a big deal. Look up a guide on the most efficient way to guess the requiems if you haven't figured it out on your own and you'll fly though it.
  2. Next time you guys decide you want to make a deluxe skin for a frame that already has one instead of the ever growing list of frames that don't. Consider Octavia for a new one. Her current one leaves much to be desired, and I'd love to see a punk rock inspired skin on her. Her base design has very classical music/marching band feel. Theming skins for her based off other music genres feels like a huge missed opportunity.
  3. The twitch prime image displays the chest hexagons as being just as visible as the arm ones. But in game they're so transparent I almost thought they weren't even there. The in game image for the ephemera only shows the arms so I'm not sure if this is intentional. But if it's intentional i feels really scummy to show it looking that much different in the promotional shots of it. I tried to get a shot of it with the chest hexagons at their most visible. And yeah that's about as visible as they get. I have it set to default color and most other colors are even harder to see. It might be my graphics settings but if that's the case, it really shouldn't be. I'd much prefer it look more like what's shown on the prime gaming page than what it is in game. here's the prime gaming image for comparison:
  4. The annoying thing about that though is DE will make stuff like this even harder to get just as often, and so the reverse is also true. Sometimes being early pays off BIG TIME I have a friend that has something like 70 umbra forma because he went and grinded them out while it was possible to do that. While I didn't bother because that's when the anomalies were on an infuriating timer. Now I'm kicking myself with my 8 umbra forma that I refuse to put on anything because god knows when DE's going to ruin my next favorite frame with an unwarrented nerf.
  5. Nope. Never happened for prime accessories before. I doubt DE's ever going to. Just gotta accept it and live with it. I hate it too. I wish they would at least offer a 10-20$ barebones option to get the accessories by themselves without the boosters that are clearly only there to justify the ridiculously high price.
  6. This has gotten ridiculous at this point. Well it was ridiculous to begin with but you guys at DE keep repeatedly releasing cosmetics with clashing channels and the problem's continually gotten worse. Mostly about the metallic in non metallic channels and vice versa that's been complained about literally for as long as the ability to customize colors has been in the game, but at this point it's also about things having roughly similar parts using different channels. One I've noticed is what I'd describe as recessed portions of attachments. What feels like the base of the armor that the rest is built on top of, the bottom layer or "Foundation" if you will, not the primary color, but the structure on which everything else sits. For the Mulciber, Lodestar, Ceramica, Shi, Pakal, Heartwood, and most of the prizma sets this channel is Tertiary. For Syrinx, Deadalus (non-prisma), Arca, Saturn Six, Targis prime, Avia Solstice, and the ki'teer sets this channel is primary. For Avira prime, Embolist, Galvanic, Sigma, Ocera, Umbra, and Maggor (but not the towsun variant) this channel is secondary. Its all over the place, and if you're looking at those lists and thinking "Well at least armor sets within those lists should match right?" Wrong because that's only covering one piece of a 4 part puzzle. Within those groups, other channels are mismatched, and that's to say nothing about material differences that color so differently it looks like you applied a different color entirely to one vs the other on the same channel (this is also a notable issue on modular equipment). A lot of this applies to operator cosmetics as well. In some cases maybe even far more egregious on them. I can barely match any cosmetic to any other one not within the same set. Even within the prisma sets I'm having issues matching them with eachother. not even prime sets seem to have consistent color coordination between them. Prizma Daedalus is one of the few infuriating cases where two different materials are covered by the same channel (The chest's primary color is both matte and metallic, AND the accent channel is metallic on the arms and legs but not the chest) making it difficult to even match with itself. The Hexis, Suda, and Gazal sets follow different coloring rules from pretty much anything else in the game and are completely unmatchable with anything else. It feels like no thought or effort has been given at all to making things that can be paired in the game actually be able to match to eachother in any way without just coloring the problematic channels black (which in some cases can be nearly all of them). Ether all cosmetics need a serious full rearrangement of color channels and a dedicated rule set for what future cosmetics are allowed to put in what channels to prevent things from devolving into this again (I would even suggest putting it to a player vote for each and every individual piece of armor. A few dedicated players that care would absolutely love to just fill out a full list of what parts of every single armor in the game should be what channels. In fact I'm about to go into extremely arduous detail on how I would go about doing that in the next paragraph). Or literally just give players the ability to reassign color channels at will for every set (more complicated but probably less memory taxing), or color each individual cosmetic differently (more intuitive but probably a huge increase in character complexity). Or the third option of material overide. Where players can select the material shader used on that channel. This would definitely not make everything instantly match, as the aforementioned lack of channel coordination would still be in effect, and it would create some bright pink metallic monstrosities running around (not that this isn't already happening within the current confines on the game) but it would at the very least significantly open up the options of what can be paired together in an aesthetically pleasing way, and be the least memory intensive option. AT THE VERY, ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. At least come up with a set of defining rules for all future cosmetics to follow to match with each other. Preferably ones that the majority of other cosmetics follow, so that eventually most of cosmetics in the game can be more or less matchable with each other (within reason) and the other sets that don't already follow these rules become outliers. IE: "foundation" details consistent with my description of them earlier, if applicable, are tertiary (it would make more sense as secondary but current majority of cosmetics slot this channel in tertiary so this is where it goes). "Painted" or "cloth" details are secondary. In the event of a lack of obvious foundation and/or painted details, secondary and tertiary are second and third most prominent color respectively if not in conflict with the previously established rules (IE: If there's foundation details but no obviously painted details the foundation details will be tertiary even if they are the second most prominent color, and the secondary color will be whatever color is second most prominent non-foundation color). Majority color beyond that is always primary. As for accents, if any metallic channel is present, at least one must be the accents channel. If there are multiple, whatever matches with existing sets best, and If indeterminable, then the least prominent metallic color. Any remaining metallics after one has been assigned to accents follow the previously established rules for the other channels. Otherwise the accents channel should be the least prominent color, or the empty channel on sets that have one and don't have metalics. If there is an empty channel, and there are metalics, secondary should be the empty channel if there are foundation details visually consistent with other sets (because that would have to be teritiarry), and tertiary should be the empty channel if there are not. "overlapping" channels like tertiary and accents on the Hexis armor are absolutely unacceptable. As are "uncolorable" parts (unless they're black). They are almost never visually compatible with anything. I understand that this is not a priority, and DE is more focused on content and bug fixes, but setting up rules to make sure future cosmetics don't continue to be self contained instances of unmatchable "customization" that can't be paired with anything else is not that much extra work, and will at least slowly mitigate this problem overtime as they release more cosmetics that conform to a more matchable criteria. In fact I practically just did that work for them. It took me about 3 hours.
  7. I had this exact thought a few days ago. I would pay real money for this.
  8. Yall REALLY put a revenant part in the drop pools for plaguestar? Knowing full well people hate getting warframe parts for frames they already have when they're trying to farm for other stuff. No one doing this wants that drop. Literally the only reason that's there is to dilute the pool and give people a useless drop. There is no other possible reason for that to be there. Real sick of seeing stuff like this.
  9. Only cutting the very longest crafting times down by a few hours isn't so much making things faster. Just more convenient. it's the difference between needing to literally schedule when you need to start crafting something and claim it to get the most for your time, vs starting to craft something whenever, and being able to claim it whenever (for the most part) on the same relative days you would have anyways. It's a qol change more than an actual time saver. If you're diligent about it it makes little difference, but if you're a bit of a scatter brain it's a world of improvement.
  10. Ah I must've missed that change, that's my bad. Even so it's still difficult to manage logging in within an hour of the same time every day. I doubt cutting it down to 20 would hurt their bottom line all that much especially since at least half the money games like this make is from whales, which I doubt even bother to farm forma blueprints anyways. Nobody needs to play the game ether. It's in their best interest to make it as enjoyable as possible. People use this as a defense far too much. Yes it's a free game, making updates to it takes a lot of work, they need to make money, we get it. Most of what I suggested would have next to no negative effect on their income whatsoever tho. With the exception of my argument that these weapons shouldn't need 5 forma to reach max mastery, which to me is more an issue of, you would never need 5 forma on a rank 40 weapon so it's incredibly redundant (I almost always use one of those forma to remove a polarity). But yeah that would put a dent in their forma sales. As for the crafting timers though, the people that care about it enough to bring it up are the people that aren't paying around it already and are completionists. Which is an absolutely minuscule amount of the playerbase that is not contributing money ether way. But to be clear, less restrictive timers would still improve the overall feel of the game for everyone, not just those players. Once you actually get to a point in the game where you can't progress on mastery any other way but this huge forma investment, it's pretty difficult to even obtain and forma them faster than you're actually building the forma. It took me a week just to get a sister with the tenet weapon I wanted because it takes so damn long just to spawn one sister candidate. It would just make the game feel a little bit more pleasant if they were a little more lenient on some of these timers.
  11. The requirement to forma these weapons so many times to get all the exp out of them is the real issue. Not a lot of weapons even need 5 forma to fit a build you want on them with the normal 30 ranks, and these give you a full 33% boost in capacity for formaing them 5 times? on top of some of them already having polarities, It's extraordinarily excessive. 5 ranks per forma with only a requirement of 2 per weapon to get the full effect out would be far more reasonable. The crafting time is really annoying. I wish it was lowered even to just 18 or 20 hours so it's a bit more flexible. Enough that you can't build 2 in 1 day but if you start building one late at night you're not screwed into needing to skip a day. I'd like to see this with most 24 hour timers. Most of the time day long timers really mean more than a day cus frequently by the time you're able to claim it it's usually too late to actually use it on that day. This applies to warframes' 3 day times too, 2 and 1/2 days realistically means it'll still take a person 3 days to be able to claim it, But they can claim it at any time on the 4th day instead of needing to wait until the moment they started crafting it 3 days ago. Which will typically have been at then end of their regular play time thus forcing them to wait an extra day anyways. Even if you're really diligent about claiming them at the exact time you started them the day before, you're slowly going to walk that time forward until you need to skip a day because you physically can't claim it on the next day because it finishes too late. So it really isn't "one a day" but more like 0.7-0.9 a day depending on your consistency with claiming and crafting them. This is exacerbated hugely when you actually have a job, and so two points in time where an 8+ hour delay is forced to happen.
  12. I ran regular sanctuary onslaught and got my weapon to rank 40 and my frame to rank 29 before bonus exp applied. I couldn't have seen bonus exp if I wanted to as it didn't show up in the mission progress even during the mission. After exiting appropriately (waiting for the zone timer to go down) I got this screen: And none of the affinity I gained during the mission was present, even after closing and reopening the game. I got everything else shown on the mission screen so the game just... forgot to award the affinity I earned during the mission. I had both a login affinity booster and an affinity blessing. as well as drop chance and credit blessings though I dont think that would be relevant.
  13. If anything I wish more of them had their capacity increased, but not all of them. power donation being higher makes a lot of sense. but steel charge is odd in that no other weapon category buff aura gives higher capacity despite mele being widely considered the most powerful class of weapons. all amp auras should be brought up to steel charge's capacity, and a fair amount of the lesser used auras should be as well just do incentivize using them. I dont think they should all be made equal though. The issue with this one, and a lot of other customization based things, is that the data storage for stuff like this adds up real fast, and increases the time it takes for player models to load. (this is also why there's a limit on riven and wreckage capacity, minus the loading thing) I'd prefer if they just normalized color channels across all attachments and operator cosmetics. It astonishes me that they STILL release cosmetics with metallics that don't have any of their metallic channels in the damn accents slot. Despite the endless stream of complaints they get about it. It's not an issue of we should be able to color them separately, is an issue of we shouldn't need to at all, because color channels should be consistent between all of them to begin with. They literally make the majority of their money on cosmetics, why the #*!% are they so allergic to making them color matchable. Definitely not. Maybe do something like make blast damage cause a strong aoe on proc and revert the gas damage nerf (I truly do not understand why they did this). And buff the damage of non-aoe weapons really hard. If I can kill an acolite in 3 shots with an aoe weapon I should be able to one shot them with a non aoe weapon of the same MR rating, or there is virtually no reason to use them. Aoe should be a damage trade off, not be some of the highest damaging weapons in the game for BOTH single and multi-target. Removing self damage outright instead of making it more balanced is one of the worst decisions DE's ever made for the power balance of the game. Self damage is good if done well. I use to carry one multi target gun and one single target gun which is a playstyle I greatly enjoy (and most looter shooters actively encourage doing exactly this). Now AOE is so powerful that is just does both with little drawback and it's not great. This would be a fantastic idea for a frame. I keep knocking about the idea of a 4-armed frame that can do this in my head. But it would be way overpowered as a mechanic that you can just do with anything on any frame unless it takes one of your other weapons slots to do it. Would be pretty difficult to implement as well. Fun idea but I dont think it would work. I mostly agree with everything else.
  14. I'm not sure this technically counts as a bug, but yeah it should be fixed for sure. Premium skins shouldn't behave like this. I might say if this was only an issue with different frame's animation sets, and if other warframes had this same issue it would be excusable, because getting so many different models and animations to work together is a lot of work. But you can see these issues on nova's default animations, and it's not an issue on any other frame or skin, at least that I own. There's clearly something wrong with it that DE is perfectly capable of handling.
  15. If this weapon's combo isn't disengaged from abilities that benefit from combo count like the xoris is now, then it's probably being used as a stat stick weapon. As while its holstered you effectively have infinite combo duration. If it does break the combo count on the use of an ability that benefits from combo like what xoris does though then I got nothin. (Edit: it does erase your combo when you use an ability that benefits from it, so it's less than worthless in this regard.) That unique ability is pretty good though if you dont wanna run the naramon school or use a couple combo mods that make combo actually usable. The two handed nikana stance is atrocious though we really need a better one.
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