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  1. The drops are down to an abysmal level on steel path for sure. Without a loot frame, killing enemies as fast as the game allows them to spawn still doesn't seem like enough to keep life support up. and needing to travel 100-200 meters to get a life support periodically REALLY throws things off because of the max spawn rate. Enemies in survival seem to have a really high despawn distance and you hit the spawn cap near instantly. Meaning you have the entire spawn cap of enemies trailing leagues behind you as you rush off to get life support, wasting a load of time. A loot frame is practical
  2. Side suggestion: Rare or legendary drops of tradeable loot like weapon parts, tradeable cosmetics, or landing craft parts, that are unique to steel sortie. Something like this would be incredibly valuable both as an indirect way to earn platinum and a motivator to buy it as they would end up being very desirable items sold at very high prices and be one hell of an extreme incentive to do them every day. That wouldn't feel like DE is just wasting your time with garbage. Sets of parts would have to have equal drop chances tho, because differing rarities of parts to the same thing cause massiv
  3. If aura forma's in there it should really be rare not legendary. There's not a lot of frames I would even consider needing an aura forma on, and they're not too difficult to just get from arbitrations anyways. I still maintain having rivens as an option is redundant, as by the time you get that far you'll be able to farm riven slivers reliably anyways, and even if you're not patient enough to play steel path missions long enough for eximus to spawn a lot. Eximus stronghold could still be a modifier that happens with sorties that would likely net you enough slivers for a riven that way too.
  4. I dont know why this exists. But please Don't fix it I just wanted to share. Have a good day.
  5. The plat was just a suggestion to add more potential drops since my other suggestions reduced the actual number of potential rewards by a lot. The idea being plat is always a highly sought after resource. But by that point in the game most players will have access to ways to get stuff that sells for large amounts of plat quite quickly anyways. I could probably rack up enough stuff to sell for that amount of plat faster than I could complete a steel path sortie just once. It wouldn't be a ridiculous ask for such a late point in the game. I contemplated saying add a unique resource that would be
  6. Sorties are pretty notorious for the bad rng on their rewards. I think it would be both a fun challenge and a rewarding late game feature to have a steel path version of the sortie with much better drop chances of the more desirable items, or maybe altered drops that are much more rewarding. Like 3 forma bundles instead of 1, bundle together [exilus adapter, catalyst, and reactor], have 3-5 times the kuva reward, remove [atayan sculpture, endo, and riven] from the pool entirely (riven removed instead of bundled since if you're beating steel path sortie you're probably capable of farming riven
  7. This would be fantastic but I think the reason this isn't the case is it's just too much data. A lot of extra data to both store and transfer to players. especially in hub areas. What I would like is if they did a pass an tried to normalize material types and how things take colors in their respective channels. Making sure if there's metallics, the accent channel always affects it, or at least one metallic channel if there are multiple, and never affects both a metallic and non metallic surface at the same time. Also Making sure that different materials are saturated similarly with the s
  8. all skins are are model or texture swaps. the only reason meshes would be a problem is is they have some really horrendous code jank. tho... that is the entire game. all they should really have to do is position and scale the models properly. tho DE clearly hardly cares about size scaling if greatsword skins are any indication... so probably just make sure they're aligned properly and that's really it. It shouldn't be too much harder than copying the model, giving it the right positional values to fit the animations properly, having it scale right (which DE sees as an optional step anywa
  9. I dont know what exploit they're talking about because they never say specifically what it was. But there's always the possibility of players that don't know that an exploit they may have discovered on their own is unintended, or get caught in public squads with other people doing it, getting caught in the wave of bans. You can't just blanket permaban people because of a bug. Sometimes an exploit is a result of intended features of the game interacting in ways the developers didn't foresee. IE Saryn's 1 being so perfectly suited to sanctuary that on its release you were able to cast it once
  10. So one thing I've noticed about the mechs that is particularly annoying is that abilities completely disable themselves when you exit them. I haven't gotten bone widow yet but this is an infuriating issue with voidrig's storm shroud in particular. You cast it, need to transference out for whatever reason, (particularly reviving someone/something or attacking herd to reach orphix pylon things) go back in and the ability is gone, and the energy wasted. No frame ability that this would be a problem with actually does that. They all persist while out of frame, and this is a considerably larger iss
  11. As a limited use item that cant be healed and gets put on a cooldown once killed... yeah actually there should be an actual reason to use them outside of where they're required This has been a lot of peoples issues with arcguns as well. They're too limited, with not enough of a power gap to be worth using outside of where they're needed, and that seems like a really stupid design decision. tho I for one dont mind the stamina. if they just got rid of the dumb mods related to making it and the dash better (there's like #*!%ing 4 of them) and just made those all tied to mech rank instead, i
  12. It's really hard to believe you guys aren't trying to piss off your players and kill your game when you make decisions like this. Also energizing dash and energy vampire don't give energy to necramechs but energy leaches can still steal it from them??? that seems fair.
  13. Oh I completely missed Oscira. That's another win for the argument that more skins should be universal. With that, all primary categorys except launcher and crossbow have at least one universal skin to them already. To be fair those are the two jankest primary categories, crossbows are a hybrid of bow and rifle, and launchers I remember had some major issues with the cautious shot mod because launchers are like a subcategory of rifle in the code or something. But the foundation to do this fairly easily is clearly there.
  14. While the cartage is in the gun: After it's been fired: Clearly the loaded cartridge is the same model as the projectile, clearly it's a bullet casing, and clearly it's completely nonsensical.
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