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  1. It's in no way a gamble if you didn't avoid spending your credits on something you wanted in hopes something better would appear. When something good pops up that I could use a lot of I would spend most of the credits I had on it and save a small amount just in case. I didn't really gamble on anything. Just amassed a large amount of credits between the last time something worth buying popped up and now. Credits that I worked for and now basically have to waste on stuff I have no use for. That's the problem here.
  2. I'm sure tons of people hold onto a lot of their credits till the end of a given nightwave in case something big that they want a lot of shows up, like kuva for example, or many people just don't have anything they need to spend it on except that. seems like a $&*^ move, completely $&*^ing over anyone with a ton of leftover nightwave creds by not putting anything worth getting a lot of (ie kuva, beacons, the orbiter decoration, or any high value aura [basically just corrosive projection and steel charge]) in the last week's offerings aside from what's always available (nitain, catalysts, and reactors, all of which you can easily reach a point where you'll never need anymore of them)
  3. An open market would be a bad idea for a number of reasons but I do feel players should be able to trade with each other a lot easier. The requirement of the clan dojo is somewhat annoying. Just having to go through an unnecessary loading screen and wait for the person with the slowest internet to load in before the trade can commence takes an extra bit of time that it really doesn't need to. Being able to trade with someone by just right clicking on their name in the chat would be a huge step up in convenience from the current system without breaking the economy balance.
  4. if each individual note can be mapped to a button, yes. otherwise it will always be a pain in the ass
  5. That reset theory doesn't apply to the stalker sigil
  6. thank you. now with the composer from that link my main complaint about the system is the note limit. tho we REALLY shouldn't NEED a 3rd party program to do this sort of thing. something like that should just be in the game i feel like the thing'll get dropped as fast as any other novelty in this game just because of how non user friendly it is
  7. ohhhkay i found it. still if you want to make you're own songs you have to play them yourself and record them which sucks if you're bad at it untill someone figures out how to read the code and write it to play a song exactly the way you want it. plus there's the note limit imposed by doing it that way
  8. there's 4 sets of 3 buttons for each note. plus one more button for vibrato 12 notes total (not counting strums) it wouldn't be difficult if each note had its own button but all but the lowest 3 of them require you to hold one of 3 other buttons to play. you're not likely gonna be using the lowest 3 notes available to you so playing any sort of actual song will have you juggling 6 different buttons to try and play 12 different notes which gets confusing really quickly. its practically as hard to learn how to play as a real instrument if a bit simplified. and most people don't want to learn how to play an instrument in a shooting game. Yeah its a side thing that dosn't effect anything but it's fun to insert your own songs into a game for others to hear, not so fun when the game slaps a MASSIVE learning curve over it in the form of having to practically learn a lagit instrument, instead of a simple composer that then auto plays your songs. starbound did this pretty well. you basically just slap a converted midi file into a folder in the game files tiled "songs" and the game auto plays it on your preferred instrument when you select it in the menu. just about any game that has that sort of guitar hero ui for playing things has a separate button for every note. an additional issue with this configuration is you can't play 2 notes at the same time that are under two different hold down buttons. it has a lot of problems all around. making macros for the songs could be a solution, but macros are pretty complicated themselves sometimes. the simplest most intuitive macro I've found doesn't work with warframe for some reason, and the game might see someone macroing a 5 minute song with 7 different inputs as afk farming and flag them for it. pretty much only musicians can use this in the state it's in now and that alienates a huge portion of the playerbase
  9. 0 parts in an hour of running this mission, and yes I am running the one on sedna. drop rates on these parts are asinine. On top of the other rewards being almost exclusively neo relics. I got 2 meso relics and every other reward was a neo relic. Cus we really need more of those. This is up there with nidus and khora as the worst grinds for a warframe in the game. You added 6 disruption nodes. You could've at least put a different part in 3 different nodes so we could farm for the specific part we need instead of relying doubly on horrible rng.
  10. Unvault the ones that have been vaulted for the longest period of time first. It's not that complicated to understand why it's important to do that instead of whatever the completely arbitrary system of decision you're actually using is.
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