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  1. Typing the name of an item in brackets [ ] into chat will send it as an item link that'll bring up a preview if clicked on [Baurahn Prime Ephemera] <==Just copy that into chat and send it and you'll get a preview link.
  2. Why does it even need to have a cap if it soft caps with available standing anyways. But I still stand by how I'v felt about nightwave from the beginning tho. you should just get credits from the challenges. Which would fix the issue of long stints without being able to earn any, because of how the rewards are placed, and eliminate the need for prestige ranks entirely
  3. What was the train of thought that lead to the design decision of putting the mastery emblems on stone blocks? I like the redesigned emblems themselves, but with the slabs it looks incredibly ugly IMO
  4. if you have a strat that works better for you, okay fine, but she's the only frame I was ever able to solo the defense and survival with prior to her being broken, and anything about her viability dosn't change the fact that she is still broken and needs to be fixed. Every other frame I've tried I just simply can't get out enough damage fast enough with any weapon I can think of to get to work, or have some major downside on their abilities that makes them borderline unuseable. Saryn: lack of range gives her spores massive sustainability issues and makes her 4 borderline useless
  5. I'm not saying they're too hard as they are. The issue is they're too hard solo and it is impossible to get a team for them. All I want is public matchmaking for them. I'v failed survival 3 times at the 1 minute left mark because the life support cycles back to it's first position on the other end of the map and I can't get there on time, and not enough enemies spawn to upkeep life support with drops by yourself. If you're really good, and i mean, really good at the game. you dont even need your teamates to do anything at all, the increase in enemy spawns alone would be sufficient enough to be
  6. I personally disagree with the mass consensus that mastery doesn't convey skill. Because in order to reach higher mastery's you have to, actually play the game. Experience does indeed make people better at things. Yes you can encounter incredibly good single digit MRs, and unbelievably bad MR25+s but that goes for any game with any sort of level system. But on a general level, the average skill of players rise with their mastery rank simply due to playing the game being a requirement to reach that point. and this scale spikes pretty high with whatever the highest few ranks are at any given tim
  7. This is a thing this game has seriously needed for the longest time. There are a lot of mods that are incredibly costly or difficult to get multiples of. Many use to be outright impossible until they were added to Simaris' shop upon obtaining them. I don't like the idea of needing to farm them out again to get a weaker version of it because I can't fit a maxed out one on my build, or if a maxed out one is detrimental to my build in the occasional case of corrupted mods, and then there's rivens. It would be an incredibly helpful bit of qol if we could actually control what rank a mod is within
  8. This is exactly why I say archwing needs to be more accessible. In it's current state the new player experience with it is invariably exactly this. You get to it, think hey this is kinda neat, hit the hard parts like a speeding car straight into a brick wall, only to discover that to progress any further you basically have to grind for months on end for a comparably tiny part of the game and it immediately kills any previous interest you had in it. Anyone who gets into this game right now that is not an extreme optimist will likely encounter this exact chain of events and emotions. But as t
  9. yes that's a good point. Getting to a point where you can level arcguns with the deployer is a huge grind wall in itself, so that isn't even good ether outside of players that have played long enough to be able to do that fairly easily. So you're right there's pretty much no reasonable way to level any arc gear for the majority of players without the regular arcwing missions, which only reinforces the rest of what I was saying.
  10. I'm labeling this under UI bugs cus there's not a category that really fits this, and what I assume is happening is the ui is saying I got the scan before I fully completed scanning an enemy With the recent announcement that arcwing missions might be getting axed I decided I should hurry up and finish my arcwing enemy scans before I have yet another pile of unfinishable codex entries. It's here that I encountered a quite infuriating issue. Anyone who's tried to clear all arcwing scans probably know where I'm going with this, arcwing eximus scans are a humungus pain in the ass to get. As I w
  11. The ease of acess thing is more an issue of, players are given acess to arcwing missions fairly early, but none of the gear. you HAVE to go through two opposing syndicates to get any of the non-starter guns or mele asside from grattler and knux. Which is something new players with an abysmal daily standing cap, at the point of the game that the stuff syndicates ask for to progress is extremely valuable and scarce, are going to have an extremely difficult and time consuming time getting (tho this has been partially fixed with the upcoming increase to the starting daily standing cap). and you ne
  12. As the person above said, to extract properly you need to interact with the nav console in the railjack and select the dojo, or a new mission, after your current mission has cleared. I'm not sure at this point if this is a thing only the host can do or not but I know there was a big push for that at some point. To be fair tho. Railjack extraction has always been a massive pain in the ass and I think needs to be redone entirely.
  13. The single biggest reason not to do this is leveling arc gear. guns can be leveled in normal missions with the deployer, but arcwings themselves and arcmele will be borderline impossible to level up without these missions. archwings can't survive in open worlds because you guys have lovingly decided that arcwings are op in open world combat and so need a hard counter in the form of enemies that can one shot them out of the sky regardless of level or abilities. any archwing except amesha can't survive in railjack due to the ridiculous enemy scaling as I'm sure you're all very aware of by now, a
  14. The last two frames released were xaku and protea, before that it was grendel and gauss. Xaku is defined as genderless and is therefore an extreme wild card in how DE releases frames in a gendered pattern. We don't know alchemist's gender yet. they could be a guy that just has some big pipes across his chest. but ether way, excluding xaku from the equation entirely, they won't have unbalanced to m to f ratio of frames by more than two if alchemist is a girl. when it comes to prime release I think there's a few posibilities of what will happen with xaku depending on what gender alchemist is
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