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Can't use railjack tactical menu without ability menu


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Rather than using the ability menu, I have jump mapped to R1 and the abilities mapped to the D-pad. This lets me slide, jump, and aim without moving my fingers to different buttons. I can add a screenshot of my controls if necessary.

However, this means I cannot use the railjack tactical menu because it cannot be mapped separately, even in the railjack controls and, as a result, many of the intrinsic upgrades are simply inaccessible.

Related: If I do press R1 while on a railjack station (my jump, ability menu in the railjack-specifc controls and not allowed to be remapped) the game alters all my inputs and nothing works because it is stuck in the ability menu configuration. There's a convoluted series of going into operator mode and back, and pressing the options button that I can use to fix it.

Suggestion: If I could hold the touchpad to open the tactical menu, like is done with the advanced map in Plains/Vallis, that would be perfect.

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