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Lua Mobile Defense 'Can't Move' bug


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This has a really specific set of circumstances but this was basically what happened:

In the room with the lua puzzle with 4 energy absorbers to open a downward stairwell, on the mobile defense where a console can spawn in this tile, I happened to be using Inaros so not sure if it applies to ALL finishers but basically: I used Desiccation to blind an enemy and then went to use finisher while standing near the console.. for some reason the stairwell in this instance was either bugged or naturally had a small collision box that would 'reset' your position, so DURING the act of pressing X to use a finisher (in my case I have a mouse button, same difference) my position was 'reset' which cause me to not be able to move, swap weapons, use gear wheel etc... basically making me entirely immobile. Luckily I was set up in a way where I could eventually die to gunfire, but if I wasn't this bug would've made me had to start over -- couldn't unstuck to fix or do more common things to jog the bug loose. I understand that this is probably not entirely mission related but that stairwell has reset me in the past so figured I'd tie that in.

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