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  1. Oddly, this no longer happens after a relog or two, but instead there IS a visual bug, where it will show me in my old gear and at the top show the old gear names (after selecting the bugged loadout as my "new" selected loadout) but if I start a mission it will put me in the right gear so it's not as bad as it was, but still has an odd visual bug which makes me question if I'm going to start in the right gear or not.. I have actually since moved the bugged loadout to one that I don't use "often" so that it's less of a problem entirely, but to do so I had to completely dismantle 2 loadouts and rebuild them for the swap.
  2. So, I deleted the 'extra' one because it was buggy when I tried gearing it, but I noticed I can't actually doubleclick the 28th one and have the loadout adhere; if I use the "change loadout" at the bottom of nav and then start a mission, it will keep me in the previous loadout from the 28th.
  3. Blood for Ammo doesn't seem to work at all, though I've only really tested on thralls (though Blood for Energy does seem to proc so it's weird).
  4. I bought an extra loadout and then duplicated one and it is now showing 29/28 loadouts and seems to have duplicated the one I wanted twice (incorrectly on the second one, for some reason it was generated with no sentinel/pet).
  5. I'd still rather just have the option to have the loadouts as a list. The new UI makes a simple thing bulky for me when my mind just wants to search for a word that I've devised (before - word search, now - clutter of images and words). My 2 cents.
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