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  1. Level 100 non-sp =/= Level 100 SP. SP enemies are much more heavily armored (250%). Not every frame is going to excel in SP, something you just kinda gotta get used to..
  2. If Gunnery 10 was simply +5% CC / +10% CD literally no one would complain because there's no downside. I understand that even that is a buff, but it's better than feeling like you're spending earned experience to be worse. Also I have nothing against people that want to lock onto ships... it could simply be an option.. some people aren't going to want target locking!! (it ended up being just 'ok' after I got it prepatch, but I would personally rather not have locking anyways). Until this is changed I will probably not invest in the final perk for Gunnery. Even the lock alone would have me get
  3. If you shoot and (...if punchthrough worked...) it hits 4 enemies, this is an obviously more effective use of 1 shot than it bouncing back, hitting 1. It is absolutely related to a weapons killing potential in maps/strategies that have clustered enemies. Adding punchthrough to Panthera currently only works in about 1/20 shots (I would consider this a bug). 1 < 4 Apologies (for my sarcasm) if you weren't aware that punchthrough on Panthera is literally broken and does not work currently. Edit: There was also a short time you could hit an enemy, have the blade bounce off a back wall
  4. Just ran into this.. (Look at the minimap, no way to get there..) Stage 5/5. Frustrating.
  5. There's a second room after the main captura room(s),
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