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  1. A secondary energy color unlocks after forma'ing once
  2. Just ran into this also. There seemed to another weird thing, I'd get a kill and the point wouldn't drop (wasn't host) never seen anything like that, would normally chalk it up to one of the AI picking the points up but there weren't enemies around. Also some of the points fell into places that I couldn't retrieve them, on the new tile. The AI use these columns in the map center to jump up to the top area that , if killed, sometimes the points drop directly down and into a crevice that they can't be retrieved from. There is also one area on the upper sides of the same map, I think near an orb spawner. For some reason it's normally non-issue but I happened to notice at least 2 where if I looked down I could see them but not retrieve them.
  3. It only appears when you've taken damage outside the arsenal (in-missions)
  4. As someone who uses vazarin a lot, my main reason for using it is rad procs and dumb people. I can see these people coming from a mile away, and generally vazarin myself to protect myself. Would be nice if there were some arcane I could equip to just have the damage reflected on the person who is rad procced, because then I wouldn't need vazarin at all, but as it stands this is MOSTLY why I use vazarin. Also, it protects/protected (once live) the defense target for the whole squad because of those few dumb people - without their knowledge, I've saved many missions from being a wash. With this change, all that will differ likely is that where I would use vazarin, I'll be using Oberon. You'd think there would be better options, and there are.. but then you'd underestimate the stupidity of people who want AoE but don't prepare themselves for rad procs. When I can, I already do ALL missions solo when there are any chance of rad procs, aside from low level lich missions, where I protect myself immensely, and pray that a wukong clone/mesa doesn't get a rad proc. I have a small rant about Garuda and Vazarin also, I took a lot of time to write it so I'm expecting someone to read it @[DE]Rebecca Not to mention, one of the biggest factors of using vazarin was HELPING players that needed that extra hand from being downed from trying to learn all the mechanics (e.g. I completely saved a clanmate's game doing fractures because they weren't properly prepared and I also don't know how I could've helped more - one person brought a mesa who would just mow me down every time he got a rad proc - and while I'm not sure mesa can still attack the canister, if I wasn't there with vazarin they would've had to entirely re-gear if so. And what do you even bring to a fight like that that's rigged so heavily against us other than vazarin? Unless it was patched, any AoE had a chance to destroy the stupid canister, and enemies would swarm the canister while we were preventing from using abilities to shoo the enemies away first lest... potentially destroy the canister. Nerfing vazarin nerfs this tactic unless EVERYONE brings vazarin I guess (+2000 HP unless they don't stack from other squadmates as well, which would just be annoying - it SHOULD be that each player can have their own vazarin effect affect a target - this is a lot fairer at least and people might finally actually use vazarin as a squad instead of just 1 person needing it for the entire squad - though I don't know why that has to be changed to be honest, it could just be left to those of us that have a brain). /rant
  5. Steps leading up to bug (for possible recreation): I was playing profit taker with a clanmate, started the mission vote (after running a few). I typed in chat that I could cancel vote if he wanted to set his gear up differently, but he actually cancelled the vote (I was host) This made me have no movement, no ability to press escape (could still use mouse, open chat). I remember bugs like this where I could press the small square at the top, for my profile, which opens the ESC Menu... sometimes this bypasses the bug (on orbiter if I can get to NAV) but not in this case Opened arsenal just for something to do to see if I could jog the bug loose This made it far worse, it hid the entire HUD and prevented me from typing EDIT: I should say, it was probably fine if I stayed in arsenal, but I hit ESC again after arsenal, that's when I lost all HUD/control I could see him trying to re-initiate the vote but I couldn't click checkmark OR type to him to click the checkmark for both of us. Absolute no controls, ALT+F4
  6. Played a bunch of Garuda yesterday.. She feels like she's missing something.. it's easier to spam her 4 but then you're pretty much relying on your team to bring AoE/Spam something because if you get surrounded your best option is a weapon (her 1 has low range usually *and* you'd have to first cast your 4 if the enemies weren't already affected - otherwise the damage can be somewhat low **and** must be aimed rather well because of the low range. Antimatter Drop e.g. has 5m more by default) or I guess go into her turtle mode defense and just start blood altar spam, but that is not as productive as it is not going to output damage until you start recasting her 4. Likely by this time you'll be taking damage which is great for some arcanes at least. An interesting feature would be that enemies in her 2's radius take extra damage from her 4. Or perhaps for every status on an enemy, her 4 deals an extra 5-10 slash damage or perhaps both of these. Her 1, while kinda fun, is a bit clunky for the payoff.. A bit of extra range (radius) would help a lot, or maybe a small falloff (outside of the 10m it does 50% for 5m, for example - this would maybe help chain her 1 better). Perhaps Blood Altar could have a secondary effect on hold: Bladed Caltrops. While aiming at a blood altar you can hold your 2 to place caltops in the altar's area - these have a 40%/40%/20% chance to deal a viral/puncture/slash proc (no damage/1-7damage) that lasts a base proc amount of time - the goal here is adding extra statuses into the mix so you cast your 4. When stepped on, they also make a tiny stun. Now it's starting to sound like she might be able to actually kill some stuff and area deny a bit.. Still takes some setup but at least it's something. Augment idea: Sunder Sacrifice (Blood Altar); Target is battered by nearby objects dealing up to 50% armor reduction when released from Blood Altar. Function: on releasing an enemy from a blood altar it would vacuum all of the caltrops towards him first (if any were laid), and any ammo pickups - each dealing their status as normal. This also strips 10% armor per object that hits the target up to 50% armor reduction possibly reducing a target to 0%, and stuns all targets in the radius for 2.0 seconds. If the target dies they burst into new caltrops. Casting on another enemy ends any blood altar currently active (so there's only 1 max instead of 3). This is essentially just a worse mag bubble with a heal, but also would allow Garuda to chain her 2 as a squad MOVES ala exterminate, capture, sabotage, rescue, spy. Otherwise, I find that she feels very without a niche... she has survivability in a really awkward slow manner that lends itself for defense, but not really enough CC or damage to defend properly, not enough damage to be a DPS unless you count when you're squaded with people that NEED the buff desperately, not enough defense to not be completely ambushed (though I could see multiple Garuda being quite powerful.. it still doesn't compare to what some other combinations of frames can achieve). Well... my 2 cents, was going to start a new thread but decided I'd drop this here. There's some interesting stuff and I can see that they don't want to step on a bunch of other frames toes (equi/nova/nezha/trinity) but..... she needs some love somewhere. I don't even think I'd like the changes I'm recommending here btw, just throwing ideas out.
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Ground squad on Scarlet Spear event, got to 17th wave and on entering flotilla noticed there was no rank above my head, went to LD to check score.. got nothing. VISUAL: None, wasn't expecting bug REPRODUCTION: No idea. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have received score plus the rank above my head in the flotilla. OBSERVED RESULT: I got no score, rank stayed 0 - I know it was 0 because I ran another run to see if it would rank 2 me when I got back from an 11-wave run, and instead it showed rank 1. REPRODUCTION RATE: Happened once.
  8. That's fine, I'm just going to keep making this the current method until DE does something about it instead. Solo is painfully slow.
  9. Ok, you stay here and keep trolling the DE forums. 👍 Meanwhile I'll be spamming this to properly vet because according to you I should eventually get a squad, let's test that. (Edit: Vetting actually worked surprisingly well, had a group with 2x runs, many people asking questions, and one person that said "Your recruit message is a joke" and ignore me.)
  10. Focus wasn't that bad, not that I didn't like that grind either, but I was at full focus at about 150 caps because I could also ESO on the side, for a total input of only ~60 hours maybe? It's not even close to what's needed for the max intrinsics, AND it had actual rewards for the main part of the game in the form of arcanes. On top of the grind being slow, we also got Skold crewships now that take an extra bit of grind to deal with. Edit: Also, stay on topic? You're strawmanning me and it's aggravating. Wish I could DISLIKE your post.
  11. The intrinsics grind is way too long, had calculated it at one point at ~196 hours from 8888, abusing Ivara instead of being able to just play anything. Just why?! Why do I have to run like 400 of the same mission? Is there going to be some better way eventually to generate exp? This is way too much.. When you consider to max a set of weapons takes only a handful of runs - why is this grind so large? And I'd love to have solo'd it so I can do without the below things I'm going to mention, but that option was removed now. Could we maybe have the intrinsics focused on, you know, RJ things -> Blowing up ships, instead of killing the Grineer? AFKs. This is a serious problem, people are so bored that going afk is pretty common so I'm sometimes soloing anyways even though I have a full squad. There should be some bigger incentive for people to be doing each specific task: Boarding/Missioning, Piloting, Crafting, maybe ESPECIALLY scuttling the crewships and taking down fighters. Trolls. I'm actually typing this while someone just sits outside the ship at the end of mission. This is the same person who AFK'd. Likely I could ask them to return, still. No one collecting / Vacuum can miss sometimes. Is there ever a reason players shouldn't have the gear/items that the enemies drop? Not even sure why the vacuum is necessary, but it often feels underpowered in a sense that you could be fairly close to a floating item and it doesn't get vacuumed towards you. Also there's a chance to speed by items seemingly not picking them up which breaks flow (you speed by, if you don't hear the click, you have to turn around to see if it even picked up, sometimes watching the item catch up to you via the vacuum). This is a pretty big gripe I seem to be the only one to have so whatever though, I guess. Bugs. I mean this is a given but.. The mission straight up wouldn't allow me to use the navigation, so I had to abort, gaining nothing. /rant
  12. Could be many things, you could have been squaded with someone buffing your damage, or maybe you have an extinguished dragon key on from doing vaults for nightwave?
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