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  1. This might be fixed with this redtext currently happening, but I'm bumping this because I also came across it this morning.
  2. A total increase of them all is always nice when it happens.. like +10 bam -> filled in a week. How actually technically challenging is it to increase these by 100 for everyone? When I was first thinking about a solid amount for the entire set of missions I had the number 150 in mind. Is there any way to add a *challenge* into the game to get a number that high, or something? Sometimes a lot of thought can go into one.. Leg 1 and I don't have a loadout for 9 frames that have primes, as well as signature ones to the core game, like Umbra.. yes this is somewhat by choice, but I would love to have one dedicated to at least that at this point (All Prime/Umbra frames + wiggle room of ~40 for certain configs). +9 would be a lot more comfortable at this level and I'd be able to personally fit every prime then, but more than that would be ideal. I remember even pre-MR bonus changes I was getting to a point where I would get stuck with them and when we got extra it was perfect timing for many that play because we have build ideas in our heads that transfer well to loadout use (click and play). I have 2 loadouts that are already multi-frame because the second frame doesn't have a purely dedicated spot yet, and when selected I often also have to change the color config to then match it as well. If there was a quicker access to the [A][B][C][D][E][F] color it would help when loadout locked, and just in general. The extra click to load the whole color ui for just clicking the config button once and then 'back'. is.. at least for me somewhat common. So instead of the chain: Loadout -> Frame change(Because loadout scarcity) -> Appearance -> Config B -> Back- > Back - there would just be: Loadout -> Frame change -> Click Button Config B-> Back (<Which resides in some gui beside Appearance) Anyways, my 2 cents. I agree with others also in that I'd pay for slots.
  3. This bothers me on a fundamental level that it's so arbitrary but you still decided to make aiming even less rewarding in a patch where you want to encourage us to be aiming/using guns.
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