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Railjack Avionics Scrap


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42 minutes ago, CounterOne said:

You've seem to have made 2 of these. I don't know if that was accidental or not but you should be careful not to do this. The moderators may end up having to read this twice otherwise increasing their workload by double.

The first of their threads was in 'Players helping Players' and was a question as to whether there was any way to tell which avionics were equipped when using the (s)crap menu.  They were told that there was no way.  This thread is then the follow up thread requesting that some form of identification/warning be added.  The only thing to really criticise is the OP creating a thread when threads requesting this feature already exist, as well as this feedback thread being in 'Feedback > Missions & Levels' rather than 'Feedback > Art, Animation, & UI'.

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