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Hold for Heavy attack is ruining some melee weapons.


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Since the update that made holding the melee button execute a heavy attack, a lot of fast hitting melee weapons are now nearly useless with blood rush builds, since they keep doing a heavy attack. This effect is especially bad if you have a riven with +attack speed or are playing a warframe that can boost their attack speed, such as Gauss, wisp or harrow. No matter how careful you are, at some point the game decides you have held the button too long and does a useless heavy attack that ruins the combo you had built up and maintained. With some weapons such as the Ninkondi prime, this happens infrequently, allowing you to build up a 12x combo but then suddenly wasting it if you aren't paying attention and hold onto the melee key for more than half a second. With other weapons such as the Dual Ichors, its impossible for me to even get the combo counter past 5x, and most of the time the combo counter only builds up to 2x before its gone in a pointless heavy attack. No matter how fast I am at tapping the key, that tiny fraction of a second is still enough for the game to do a heavy attack.

I understand that there are other bugs that affect more people and thus take precedence, and this mainly affects PC users who rebind their melee keys and use melee weapons with fast attack speeds. But it has been quite a while since this was implemented, and the problem has been there from day one. I don't know if DE is even aware of this issue right now. This bug/feature is neutering a lot of my favorite weapons even more than the melee 3.0 nerf already did.  

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